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    Importance of editors in various internet sites

    There are millions of internet sites in the web space and there are a large number of sites corresponding to a particular subject or topic. It is like an ocean and it is not easy to comprehend the size and extent of internet today.
    Every site needs administrators and editors to run its day to day business. Some of the officials working in any site are the regular paid ones while many others are the voluntary editors or moderators who are due to their interest and passion in that particular field are working part time voluntarily in these sites.
    The role of these editors is very important in the sense that they are the main people present between the owner of the site and the visitors or members or contributors working in that particular site. They are having a dual responsibility of checking that everyone is adhering to the policies of the site as well as checking the contents of the contributors for moderation or approval. The smooth and successful running of a site depends mainly on the working of these editors who are relentlessly doing these responsibilities and contributing in the progress of that particular site.
    What are your views on this?
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    Editors are very important even in earlier days when journals, newspapers etc are published in physical form. Whatever is being published in a newspaper or a weekly magazine or a monthly magazine is reviewed by the editor and once they found it useful only, the same is going to be published.
    Even research journals will also have Editors and reviewers. The paper sent to that journal for publication will be referred to an editor or a reviewer and based on their report only the decision of publication will be taken. I am a reviewer for two scientific journals in India. These are honorary only and no amount will be paid for the work.
    I know only one site that Indiastudychannel where editors are active on the site and monitoring the posts and deciding about the publications. I request the author to give some sites where the editors will be hired on a full time or part-time basis. That will be helpful to the members to go to those sites also and see how the system is working there.

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    Yes huge responsibility lies on the editors of various internet sites as they work as the bridge between the service providers and the people using the service. Some of the sites are working 24 hours and we must appreciate immediate response as such for any complaint or suggestion. For example the online Times of India is providing us with update on news as it happens and along with that they are also having live coverage on some events of importance where in we find the minute to minute details changing and we are kept informed about the latest development. The Omicron, third wave is being kept on live and the surge of cases, the discharges, the deaths and all details across the country are being tabulated and the team of editors are always working and even our comments are moderated and hoisted in the net.
    K Mohan
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    Yes. There is no denying the fact of the importance but there is another fact that we often come across i.e., being biased.

    I have also been to the time when the internet was not played much, and we were keeping the track of the news through newspapers and subscribed magazines. nonetheless few private news channels also came into existence. But the major changes took place when the topics began to be discussed along with the invited guests representing different political parties and ideologies. During our school days, we studied different facts through our history books believing those to be true but when an individual filed an RTI asking for the basis then they did not have satisfactory replies. Please refer to the below link,

    NCERT Has No 'Information Available' on Indian History, RTI Reveals

    In 2013, NCERT had admitted they have no documents to back claims on Qutab Minar made in textbooks

    I am still wondering about the extent to which we have been taught the falsehood which we are still carrying in our minds supposing these to be true.

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    While going through the various sites, we can see how the editors are managing their roles while reviewing the articles of the various authors. There is no denying that that their concepts related to the subjects being discussed are of extra ordinary quality. That might be due to their own passion to attain near perfection toward a subject with which they are inclined. They are not always guided with the monetary incentives since some scholars are the retired faculties of the universities doing such jobs for the revival of their old passion. They can successfully guide in the subject matter of the different subjects. You can have different sites offering knowledge in the different subjects having reviewers or editors doing their jobs relentlessly. They would even take note of grammatical errors that might have crept in your write ups or the punctuation flaws.
    Responsibilities are tremendous but compensation for their labours are not often enough.

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    Yes. I agree with the author that there is a really very very important role to play when it comes to editing. Currently, lots of websites are full of bad quality content with vulgar language, false promises, misinformation, and many more outdated data. There should be a proper editing process for every website but this is not possible as everyone has their own freedom on the internet. Anyone can post anything if a blog or website is their property. The copy-right content should be available on the internet and all the duplicate or copyrighted content copied by others should be edited with due care automatically. But this process is impossible. No one can keep watch on every content posted every day. So, it is a huge moral responsibility of all of us who post any content on the website or blog. This will increase the credibility of the site and person. Currently, people are being misguided by false promises or false claims. This has to be properly edited by any possible mechanism.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
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