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    Can we say money is the sixth sense making possible to enjoy other five ?

    We are know that our live revolves and most depended on five senses such as sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. And all these are possible only if we have the money in our hand and when we are happy in the life. Money is the most powerful weapon on this earth through which we can change anything or any person and even the law could be changed to your favor and therefore money rules our life and also our senses. And it is the fact that if you are having colorful life with huge money in savings, your attitude would be stress free and more committed. What is your take on the matter.?
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    Somehow I am not comfortable in accepting that money is the 6th sense. The 5 senses are sight (vision), sound (hearing), smell (olfaction), taste (gustation),and touch (tactile perception). These are carried out by sense organs that are part of our body and gifted by God. How can we compare these with money made by the man? Money is a medium that will help us to exchange our requirements and abilities. In earlier days we know the barter system was in use and slowly money started playing an important role. The author may be correct in his thinking process that money will bring happiness. How these five senses are dependent on money I don't understand. A person who is not having money and feels hungry can also smell the sweet odour coming from a sweet shop.
    We may not get worried about many things if we have money. But we will start worrying about increasing our money reserves more and more. So money may or may not bring happiness. It all depends on your mindset.

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    A sound bank balance is what every one desires so that they can lead a stress free life and utilize it when the need arises. But it cannot be symbolized as the sixth sense. More than money,I feel knowledge is important because elders used to say that money and other resources can be destroyed by calamities when earthquakes,fire or floods ruthlessly attacks mankind and destroys everything very fast. However, knowledge gained will remain within each individual and he or she can start from zero savings. Of course, we must save for the rainy days also but money cannot take an upper hand over knowledge. This is my view.

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    To some extent, I don't agree that money would enhance our pleasure but of course we should have that much balance to lead our lives meeting our desires. I would not hanker after the branded products to be used for myself and my family. There are options to visit the physicians for which not necessarily, I need substantial money for my treatment. To conclude finally expenses are guided with our habits and it can run smoothly with a little adjustment of our mental make up.with our manageable balance in the bank account, there are possibilities that we cannot help much to our friends and relatives monetarily but we would not lag behind for their mental support. Considering our retirement phase, we should have some balance in your accounts to meet the emergency medical expenses for our families especially when the insurance companies are covering such expenses partly.

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    Money is a medium to buy any materialistic thing for our need and use. It is an important entity. There is a famous saying - Money makes the mare go. It is absolutely correct and fact of the matter.
    Interesting thing about money is that we don't possess it like we possess our senses and we have to earn it. That is the main difference between our senses and money.
    One cannot buy everything in this world with money but having money itself is a matter of great satisfaction and rejoice. It gives confidence to the people if they have sufficient money in hand. In society, rich people are respected just because they are having money. If you have money many people will like to have friendship with you.

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    Money is not a sense in any way so money cannot be compared with our five senses. Whether one has money or not all the five senses will work in the same way. It is not something like if one has money the person will hear more or see more. But money may help to experience the senses in a different way. For example, a moneyed man can tour different places all over the world and can enjoy marvellous sights, can taste varieties of foods, etc. If the author tried to mean that money enhances the capability to experience the senses in various ways then I would say it is not entirely wrong.

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