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    Have you spotted any sparrows in the heart of a metropolitan city like Bangalore recently?

    It is well known fact that certain old species of birds are slowly vanishing in highly developed cities due to the advent of high end gadgets and gizmos.Sparrows are no exception. There used to be 0lenty of them before when those tiny birds used to peck at the worms in the gardens.Even the number of Parrots,Maina and even crows are finishing day by day. What are the ways of stopping the from decreasing further.?
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    It is true that in the cities and metro and even in some towns we are not finding the sparrows as we were seeing them earlier. Last month I saw a few sparrows coming near the balconies of our housing complex and were chirping and moving here and there and eating something from the rooftops of the shades nearby. As I saw them after a long time I was surprised and was enjoying their presence. Then one idea came in my mind and I took some rice and scattered it on the end of the balcony and came back inside the room. Soon I found them picking up those rice seeds and 3-4 sparrows were continuously on that job. I hope that next or maybe after a few days they will again come in lure or that food but they have not come yet and possibly they were going through this place to the nearby gardens or some other green places and incidentally happened to be near my balcony on that particular day.
    It is true that some of these species are on the verge of extinction because of the changing environment and habitat which is not conducive for their survival.
    The famous scientist Darwin gave us the theory that only those species on mother Earth will survive who can adopt and change with the changing times. It is believed that many species are not able to survive in the changing environment and are going to extinct with time.

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    It is been a topic of discussion among many ornithologists about the sparrow being slowly vanishing from the face of the earth but now it is being observed even by common masses. Especially in cities with mushrooming towers of mobile networks and constant waves travelling many birds are suffering. We are sure developing and our economy is growing but at what cost is a subject of concern. In the big cities if we observe closely we will find many such species of birds and animals moving towards extinction because of the overexploitation of resources by human beings. It is a nice thread and concern raised by the author over the vanishing of sparrows which once was very common everywhere now is a rarity to be seen. Even many toddlers and children growing up in cities might never be able to see such beautiful species if this over exploitation is not put to stop or some alternative method is established to preserve such species.
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    When specifically speaking for the Bangalore location then I do not know but considering the overall observation then surely few including what has been mentioned by the author are rarely seen around but then those do not have options other than to look out for somewhere else. Mansions made of bricks and cement have been intensified even in the rural areas with increased noise and air pollution making their living less feasible in these areas. During my childhood days, seasonal birds were always visible because they always existed in the backyard.

    I feel lucky to have those in my past lives but perhaps the current generation is far more occupied with extreme professionalism to get distracted and therefore for them they are not aware of many of the changes being happening or taking place around to them and therefore those passed unnoticed.

    The ways of stopping them from decreasing further will only be possible by restricting the human interference to nature and at the same time developing more forest areas and also by planting more trees.

    Their diminishing may seem to be not that much of importance but within these carries a huge impact to this whole ecosystem wherein if ignored for long the human civilization will tend to pay a lot.

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    Why in cities even in villages we are rarely seeing sparrows. I frequently visit Bangalore and I frequently visit my native place in East Godavari Dt of AP which is a small village. I stay in Hyderabad. But I rarely see these sparrows and even crows also are not visible that much like earlier.
    The increase in the atmospheric temperatures, Various radiations that are coming from the communication towers provided everywhere for the convenience of the users is responsible for this. Another reason for this is the increasing levels of pollution due to greenhouse gases emission and industrialisation. Even in rural areas nor greenery is coming down and we see more and more concrete jungles in rural areas also. They are also responsible for the vanishing of these sparrows. Coming generations can see these sparrows. crows and parrots in Zoos only or their figures in books only.
    Green areas are to be improved and those areas should be away from these radiations. These species may rehabilitate to such places for their survival.

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    I am sure Bengaluru being the greatest garden city with lots of green cover in the midst of main areas, the flocking of birds and sparrows would be there and it is the question whether the locals have noticed it or not. But we in Hyderabad are fortunate enough to have many sparrows spotted even in main cities and suburban areas. Thanks to the Haritha Haram , ie the green cover being created every year by the state govt through out Telangana and that gave lots of respite for the species and birds. Even while typing this post, the birds are making noise on our mango tree, jack fruit trees and thus make our living more colorful. Not only in the day even at the wee hours of 3 am the owls, Maina and other birds of different species come and gather to make noise and exchange their pleasantries. Probably cell tower menace in Bengaluru is making sparrows scarce.
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