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    Son or daughter, it should not make any difference

    Girls were facing many inequalities in society and many used to prefer to have a male child. This was more so in rural areas and uneducated families. In rural areas, there were many cases where a daughter in law who delivered a female child was treated very badly.

    But the governments came out with many initiatives to encourage girls. Reservations to females in colleges and jobs, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Save the Girl Child and free/subsidized education to girls are some such initiatives taken by the government. With these initiatives, I think we are seeing some change in the mindset of the people. These days we are seeing girls competing in all the areas with men and coming out successfully. There is no area where we feel that a girl can't compete.

    Son or daughter, it should not make any difference. This concept should come into the minds of all the people and we all should empower girls so that they will have brighter days in the coming days.
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    Surely for us we were giving equal importance and rights to both and either son or daughter, both are the light of the family and their mere presence is enough to have gala time everyday. Gone are the days when the girl child was felt as burden and not regarded in the society. Now the times are changed, the girls are proving to be more helpful, courageous and has the capacity to look after the parents even after their marriage. My sister daughter who is getting married next month has purchased one house for her parents, had agreement with future in laws to part with fixed amount for parents expenses, and her own marriage she has been spending on her own. So my sister is having only one daughter and she is everything for them. I really admire such daughters who brought name , fame, pride to the parents.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As far as perception is concerned, there is a wide variance of thoughts between the educated mass and the non educated ones. People having enjoyed the higher education realise the importance of the education and hence they would not like have discrimination in respect of education of their kids irrespective of their genders. However, they would examine the attitudes of their kids prior to their persuasion to the courses. Here monetary considerations don't play the roles but of course, their choice matters. Looking at the people otherwise uneducated, they see their sons as their facilitating resources at their old ages. Their perception for their daughters is entirely different thinking that they would part with the parental families at the later stage. Hence why do they need to have more investments on the girls. They cannot give up this weird ideas. Hence change in the perception of the people, at least in India would take time.

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    The mindset of people is changing with time. The place of girls is totally different now then what it used to be in earlier times. Many families have taken them equal to the boys only. Still in some remote and interior places in some societies there is a preference for boys over girls. But I hope and believe that this feeling in those wuarters will also be gone in coming times as we are going ahead for full equality in this matter.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I do not agree that the mindset of people has undergone any transmission because I can still observe even highly qualified professional feeling dejected when the second issue is a girl. The in-laws also add sorrow to the newly delivered mother by repeatedly saying it would have been better if it were a boy. I have come across some mothers saying it.However, the mother clings the baby to her bosom and gives it loads and loads of love and care. When the little one grows up to be smart and intelligent, even the ones who had welcomed the child with sorrow,start appreciating the child for bringing laurels to the family. I think there is a selfish motive behind wanting to have only sons because sons are considered to be assets while girls are a liability. They can demand dowry from the poor parents of a girl but have to shell out a colossal amount during wedding. What else can be the reason? The government has recognized the situation which had been happening for decades and has come out with proper initiative to protect and nurture the baby girl. I hope the trend further improves.

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    I also feel the same. We must not differentiate between boys or girls as our children. Both are the same. Currently, girls are no less than boys in terms of dealing with daily life. Girls or women earn in the same capacity as boys or men. They are getting huge responsibilities in the corporate and at home too. If she is a working woman, she performs dual duty as compared to boys or men. We must respect her and her world. Agreed that men dominate the world but women are also dominating home management. She handles family members which are greater in responsibilities than managing people at work.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
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