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    Will PM's Wi-Fi access network interface really be affordable for everyone?

    To make efforts to connect every Indian citizen to the internet the PM-WANI scheme is introduced and already in the works for setting up around two million hotspots.
    The government claims that the Public Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (PM-WANI) will usher in a major Wi-Fi revolution in the country. Everyone will get this unlimited service at a low cost. Many people think that it can be a means of increasing employment and income also. Once it is launched, students will be able to study in the village, and employees will have the opportunity to work from home in the village. What is your idea?
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    Wonderful thought, wonderful idea. The so called telephone data providers are looting money for just 28 days of recharging and they hiked the rates also. This low cost PM Wifi network should send packing all the private players in cell phone data and call providing business as more access to remote areas means more convenience to every one. Surely the benefits would be multiple as everyone would connected to world instantly and there is no question of no tower - so signal problems in future. Two Million hotpots across the country is the big reach out and that means almost all the villages would be covered under this and there would be inclusive business development at village level to the city and those who are having cottage and handicraft know how, they can thrive on new business through this arrangements.
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    PM WANI (Wi-Fi Access Network Interface) is aimed at increasing Wi-fi access throughout the country.
    There will be a public data office (PDO). It will deliver broadband services to subscribers. There will be a Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA) to authorise. and accounting. There will be WANI hotspots. An app will be developed and given to registered users which will identify these hotspots and the user can connect to WIFI and use it. A central registry will be maintained by C-DoT. This will have the details of app Providers, PDOAs, and PDOs.
    The scheme received good responses. Many praised the scheme saying that it will increase internet connectivity across the country. There will be good employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. However, the announcement came very recently and still has a long way to go. Let us hope that the scheme will get implemented and we see some change.

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    Actually the private fibernet providers were also advised to give free access at focal points across the country and in Hyderabad ACT fibre has even installed free wifi zones at important places. But the problem is that one has to log in through the e mail and the offer for net is very less minutes and once the time is over the reminder galore from the same office would ask you to go for the internet package. These kind of harassment was the reason for the government to consider unlimited wifi at the reasonable rate for the people has been on the cards. Internet connectivity in future is going to be mind boggling and India need to brace up with much speedier connectivity so that the people would not be lagging behind for any kind of short of services. Why the opposition gone packing on this very good thought of the govt.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If this scheme gets implemented in a proper way then it will benefit the common people immensely. There is a need of affordable Wi-Fi on the go in our country and there is a large population which can benefit from the fruits of this scheme once that is in place.
    It is obvious that government will have to spend a good amount of money to bring this scheme to the ground level where common masses will be using it. Due to the success of private operators in the mobile telephone area in India, the government departments like BSNL and MTNL have become defunct and are standing at a closing juncture. If possible government can utilise that man power in this new scheme and recruit the additional manpower through fresh recruitment.

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    If it can be implemented properly then many people will be benefited. The problem is its implementation in a huge populous country like India. Earlier, there was speculation that RailWire broadband will change the scenario of internet connectivity throughout the country but their services are not up to the mark in many places. If we look at the Telecom service providers, it will be found that the government operators like BSNL couldn't do well whereas the majority of the users rely on private network operators. In this situation, unlimited access at a low cost, as mentioned in this thread, may not be attainable. Let's wait until its launch to get a fair idea.

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    I do not think there is anything to feel happy about when we think of the ill effects of wifi on our health. Many scientific studies demonstrated that wifi signals have detrimental effects on the human body. In the name of development, we are endangering our health and our hospital bills are increasing. A day will come when we have to stay away from all these gadgets to live peacefully. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), is developing some villages where there will be no modern facilities. The food is grown by the inmates of the village without any fertilizers. We all have to run to live in such places.
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