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    Do all your family members have the same personality and attitude?

    In a family,generally, there are more than two members who have different ways of behaviour and personality. In a joint family,we can find unique traits in each of the members. The eldest one is always responsible and takes care of the siblings besides helping the parents.The youngest child is pampered and expects help from other members of the family. This is because of the way they are brought up by the elders.However, some have inborn traits be it pride, adamant or calm,compose,down to earth. How are your family members ?
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    In a family, all the people will not have the same mentalities. There will be definitely differences. We are 5 brothers andn4 sisters. Each of us are having different ideas, opinions and mentalities. I am the eldest among the brothers, one sister is elder to me. Each one of us are having different traits.
    As mentioned by the author the eldest will be more responsible. But in our family, all the brothers are ready to take any responsibility and never hesitate to help each other. But our food habits and spending ways will vary from one to another. Some of them are very careful in spending. They think twice and then only spend. But some of us are not very particular about savings. They spend without understanding the importance of reserves.
    In my family also I have two sons. Both of them are working in the IT industry and earning. But their mentalities are different.
    This will be the situation in many families, Even wife and husband also may not have a similar attitudes and sometimes that will help the family.

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    Personality traits may be different in each case in every family. It all depends on the family bonding, parental background and how they bring up their children. I am the elder son of my family and second issue out of five children to my parents. Honestly speaking, though appear to be cool, people always considered me as an arrogant and adamant but by virtue of my performance in my academics, these personality traits were ignored. Focus was more on me and my assistance at home was totally zero which continued even after marriage. On the other hand, my younger brother took care of all responsibilities and it doesn't mean that I avoided them. Everyone in my family wanted that I should flourish based on my performance and never wanted to disturb me.

    As days pass by, we become matured and I tried to maintain an equilibrium and now things are going well. It sometimes, people often tend to change after marriage but all depends on how we manage the things. Coming to the core point, now everywhere, it is a nuclear family comprising of father, mother and two children or one child. It's the prenatal obligation that our children should be trained properly so that they can mingle with their cousins and relatives otherwise the personality traits are easily identified.


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    There may be some common things between the members of a family because they are living in similar environment and are brought up almost in a similar condition. That is a normal thing but in general two individuals will never be same. Each and every individual has his own brain, thinking power, attitude, manners, and behaviour which defines ones personality. Out of the same family one brother becomes a popular person while the other becomes a murderer. Every person is bestowed with a code in his brain which is a combination of genes and some genetic materials which makes a person distinct from everyone else. It is nature's miracle. Even two faces look different from each other.
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    In a family of four, the thought process is different, the understanding is different and yet live under one roof for a common cause and will and living for good. Our son being eldest, and being a chemical engineer, his timing and going on tour is always sudden and we are not putting him any pressure of home, however he takes everything on him and arrange. My daughter being in the final year of MBBS, for her 24 hours is very less time. and we are not disturbing her on any house matters. My wife being a teacher, now left the job knows the responsibility and does everything on her own. And of course what ever required for the family is being arranged by me and thus our family is small and compact. There is no scope for any tiff of face off and everyone understand their need and rights and accordingly things gets done.
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