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    The importance of Republic Day to build a self-reliant India

    The legal existence of the country is established by the constitution, so the goals of equality and the overall development of the country are contained in the constitution and are reflected in it. Regulate the conduct of all government bureaucrats in accordance with the rules of the Constitution. Necessary amendments or changes are made as needed for the country.
    To give impetus to our national economy, the government has come up with various schemes such as Self-reliant India, Vocal for local, Recognizing the importance of digital panchayats to make rural India stronger and more modern in the face of the crisis of local and migrant workers, e-Gramswaraj Portal, e-Swamitva Project, through which ownership is given to irrigated land and ecosystem projects
    The glorious achievement and new milestones that the Transparent India Mission has set today have inspired the creation of safe hygiene practices among the country's millions of people. According to Gandhiji, the basic foundation of democracy at the lowest level of society is the panchayat, rural India. the future of the country lies in it. So I think our constitution has a direct or indirect effect on all of these. Do you agree?
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    Yes, I totally agree. Rural development has taken a new shape during the Atal Bihar Vajpyee Government as the road connectivity was established to every nuke and corner of the country which helped the farmers and rural masses to transport easily their farm produce and get them sold directly to the customers through the Central market Yard system or Rythu Bazaar concept in some states like Andhra, Telangana & Chattisgarh. The Modi Government has given a new dimension to Rural development the Digital India, Swatch Bharat and Ayushman programmes. Really the central government schemes, if implemented properly, would yield desirable results but unfortunately some states forget their role in 'developmental politics' .

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    Surely if Dr Ambedkar was alive, he would have certainly expressed immense satisfaction on the progress of our country which he documented and other leaders made it possible. The recent great achievements are many and among them are vocal for local that has been given impetus to go for make in India and made for India. Our villages are well connected with internet and these days there is no Katta panchayat instead e panchayath well connected with internet is being held. Now there has been effort to have one card one nation and that would be giving ration at anywhere any place in India. Further the Ayushman cards which going to be reality within 3 months from now would give five lakh eligibility for medical and health requirements. The government hospitals are more equipped and turned modern and the private hospitals are loosing sheen for the critical illness and look after. This is the great achievement.
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    The author has well presented the progress and development work being carried out in our country at the ground level. It is true that there are so many schemes going on for the benefit of the common people and only problem is their proper implementation and the government machinery and administrative machinery should take these things seriously and all the money which is being spent on the scheme should reach the poor and needy. It is very important that no corrupt people in between take advantage of siphoning out the money from the government funds. So it boils down to good governance in the country and all these things will be much more useful and beneficial if there is improvement in the governance and the top authorities take it on the priority. Our democratic setup is based on the fundamental principles of honest working and we have to achieve that at any cost if we want to keep this democratic system alive and vibrating with progress and success.
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    An excellent presentation from the author. Gandhiji told that the development of the country completely depends on the developments in rural areas of the country. The farmer who is the backbone of the country is suffering a lot as he is not getting the required encouragement from the consumers and the middlemen. Their welfare is very important. Some work was done during the Vajpayee term to provide basic amenities in the rural areas so that the farmer can directly transport his products to sell at a higher price rather than selling to the middlemen.
    As mentioned by the author, there are many good schemes from the central government which will be good if implemented properly. But unfortunately, we give more importance to party politics than development. This is to be changed and all leaders should work with the nation first concept.
    Another noteworthy point is the globalisation concept brought during the regime of PVNR and that made many IT companies to come to India and that has changed the financial position of the country.

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