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    Why do glorified goons in movies become popular?

    The way movies are meant they should be about catering to people with entertainment value and lessons to be learned, but what good does glorification of goons do to society? In fact, quite the reverse happened recently in a case that emerged where three teenage boys of age 15,16, and 17 killed a 24-year-old man just for making a video and releasing it on Instagram. On probe, they accepted the crime and said they were inspired by the movies and style of the recent Telugu movie " Pushpa: The rise" and with the attitude and style of the protagonist in the movie. These teenagers think they will be out of prison within a few months. They aspire to be big goons and like the actor shown in the movie earn a lot of money through crimes.

    The depiction of a hero who is a goon and insulting policeman in the movies and that too in a very much glorified way is not good. It is one thing to show how a person can turn into a criminal because of bad conditions and situations but their glorification should not be done.

    What is your take on such movies and their impact on youngsters?
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    That is the most unfortunate part of these movies and their impact on teenagers. Matured people may see the movie as a movie and never try those tricks in their real life. But the problem comes with teenagers. Still, they are not mature enough to understand the facts of life and they will be in cloud 9. They compare themselves with the hero of the movie and their girlfriend with the lead female role in the movie. They try to implement those acts in real lives and suffer from setbacks.
    Actually, these days heroes are not good like earlier days movies. They are like goons only and the teenagers we see in these movies think that they should also be like that. Actually, such movies should not be given a U certificate but should be given an A certificate and only above 18n years of age people only should be allowed to see. But these days because of OTT platforms and TV channels all movies are available to all ages. The producers and directors should think about this point seriously.

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    Such movies will definitely make an impact on the youngsters and even on the adults may be to a lesser extent. What the boys see on the screen they try in real life and that brings the disaster. Actually every person has a bad corner somewhere inside him and once that is evoked and provoked by such external stimuli then such bizarre patters emerge out of the young minds or mind of that person. The movie producers and directors want to earn good money from their movies and it is imperative that they will pack it with such sensitive material that evokes the fancy of the viewers. In the western world people are realising that too much violence in the movies has taken a toll of the young lives in those countries. We are following the same trend here and our movies are also showing the extreme violence and offences on screen.
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    This is indeed becoming a matter of concern but we cannot find the solution to such problems around the story or characters of the movies, but to solve such problems, a change in society is necessary. The youth or the child often starts growing in the wrong direction but if the family and society get the right direction then it can be stopped. The lead role is not always negative in films, sometimes we also see big IPS officers or business-related lead roles in films, then will the youth not be affected? A person has made himself capable of thinking, even then it is not proper to blame others for such actions. But it is not that it should be completely ignored because the cases are really increasing. A good way would be when actors and actresses use various channels for promotion, then during those promotions, they must give a message to the youth and children of the society that they never promote the negative character played in the movie.

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    Unfortunately the followers of the movie are taking bad ideas and not the good ones. Glrofying goon acts is in fact tutorial to many for aping but in reality the movie send wrong signal. For that matter movies must be made with very guarded depiction of things, otherwise the very essence of movie is lost. Youths are having huge fan following and respect for their heros and feel that the hero has done to role to be aped and followed for sure. The so called actor was paid hugely to done the role and that ends the matter but the after effects of the same has cascading effect on the society. By the way the censor rules must be rewritten for sure as the producers and directors are taking to much rights on violence and wrong depiction thereby making the mockery of film making. Let there be huge debate on this mater at least here.
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