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    Poverty is a great teacher

    Those who have not seen the poverty might not understand the value of money and livelihood. Poverty teaches us many lessons and we get a lot of experience about so many worldly things right from our relationships with other people to our place in the society. When a person comes out of the poverty then he finds that world is a beautiful place and the behaviour of the people had considerably changed towards him. Those were the same people who did not concern for him earlier and treated him like an unknown entity.
    Poverty is a great teacher and one comes to know the harsh realities of the world around him during that phase. There are some kind hearted people and generous agencies who help the poor from time to time but that is not on continual basis and one has to work hard to come out of the menace of poverty.
    Have you ever experienced poverty in your life?
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    Surely those who suffer for two meals of bread everyday, know the value of money, value of life and value of those who helped them having food daily. Poverty is such a thing, which cannot be expressed else people would make fun of it. Poverty is not the matter to boast with because it is the dire last stage of a person who is bereft of all the things. Yet those who recovered from the poverty has certainly learned many things like, how to save for the future food, how to save for the emergencies, whom we trusted during the poverty and how they got into isolation without helping us, whom we not trusted and scolded them has certainly reached to us with much surprise. These are the lessons learned from the poverty and those who eat their fist good food after poverty is certainly celebrating a festivity.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am from a lower-middle-class family and I have seen the difficulties in life. I don't know whether I should call it poverty or not, but I faced economical problems. I have lost great chances due to not having money during my studies. Even I have lost an abroad chance due to lack of money. Those days the banks were not giving loans to people who don't have any assets. That is why when I have grown up and became economically stable, I told both my sons not to worry about money and I asked them to study whatever course they want to do they can do.
    As mentioned by the author poverty teaches us many lessons. The majority of them are positive lessons we learn but when the poverty is so severe and the man is suffering from hunger., the lessons it will teach may be bad also Many of the terrorists who work as suicide squad are from a poor section only and they feel instead of living with poverty it is better to take a risk and that risk may go up to even death. Rich and educated people will be involved in planning and guiding terrorist activities. But implementation is poor only in many cases.

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    I would say plenty of middle class families of my time had faced shortage of money and resources and had worked very hard to reach a upper position. I also belonged to a middle class family and had experienced shortage of funds since my father had to provide education for five of his children in reputed schools. I know the value of money and aware how people treat a person based on his wealth which makes a poor person feel inferior and stay away from rich people. The philonthropists help the poor people by paying the fees of poor students,build washrooms in villages and provide other necessities.However,as the help is not permanent,the poor people should work hard and try to become self dependent and do whatever job is offered to them.

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    I also had financial difficulties during my childhood and educational phase and that is why I raised this issue.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I have not seen this level of poverty because my family had gradually improved their standard of living when my generation started. But I can understand with certainty because many such moments of poverty have been faced by my parents. Perhaps that was the time because the middle-class family that is today was once a poor family. My father struggled a lot in his childhood and so we were brought up so that we can understand the value of money as a result, even after not having a shortage today, we members of the family keep our expenses limited while saving. Learning from the experiences of others is also an essential step that we should learn. We may not be able to learn directly from poverty, but some experiences are taught to us.

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    I have not faced poverty or too much financial struggle so far in life and hope so I don't have to suffer it as well because of the hard work of my grandfather and later my father. I have heard so many stories in the family of the struggle of my great-grandfather and after his death my grandfather for a job. My grandfather saw poverty and made sure his children and grandchildren had a good life.
    But coming from a middle-class family, at times I have seen a financial crunch in the family when my father took retirement due to medical issues, and at that time both my brother and I were doing our graduation living in a different city with high expenses and the second floor of the house was under construction all at the same time. It was too much pressure for a single earner in the family he never told us all these things but we do see his struggle.
    Although my parents have always protected and shielded us from any kind of financial tension in the family and have fulfilled all our demands and needs.
    He took the second job as soon as he was good everything got stable but that phase was definitely difficult for my father and us too as we felt guilty for living a comfortable life and not being able to help but he asked us to focus on our studies and not think about anything else and always motivate us.
    As far as I am concerned I personally have not suffered such a condition as my father made sure I have everything but I do understand the value that financial crunches teach us. Thus I want to provide them with a life where no such phase ever return where they feel any kind of financial tension.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Poverty is not only a teacher, it is a unifier, sympathizer, tolerance practitioner etc. There is equality, sense of sharing and co-operation and understanding in poverty.

    But even when poverty has all these noble attributes, I pray let all be above and out of poverty, because it also brings suffering, disease and ignominy and inferiority feeling.

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    Poverty could prove to be the best guide in terms of financial management at the later part of our life when there is constant accumulation of money. We can recall up our stressful days having no money for the full square meal while studying in a college leaving our own home. The payment for the tuition is due for at least a week and father was in the deep financial constraints sometimes money reaching late. We had to leave meals sometimes with managing our hunger with a loaf of bread. The experience could be really disturbing but once this struggling phase is over with landing a job of our choice after doing some prestigious studies. We cannot forget the bitter days and we would devise the ways for the better financial management. We would know what are the urgent priorities of life and would do our best to save money for the rainy days. In that way, poverty could prove to be the best teacher reminding us always of better management of our resources.

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    Difficult situation tests the people. They always make you a humble person. When facing problems or in poverty, people remain rooted in-ground and remain down to earth. The lack of money causes many problems. It can be running home with less money to cater to various tasks like buying useful stuff for home, paying bills, and paying tuition fees for children. When a person is poor, he always tries to get the best from existing resources, and thus in this way, he or she gets lots of lessons consciously. Poverty shines the character of a person. A rich person can be or may be arrogant but the poor will never behave in a rude manner. I remember my childhood days wherein we faced days without vegetables or fruits. We survived by fulfilling only basic needs. This has definitely taught us very fine lessons of the world.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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