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    Using too many medicines is risky

    We all will have some health problems. Some may be minor and sometimes we may suffer major problems also. It may take some time to get cured. As required we have to take precautions. If necessary we have to go to a doctor and use medicines as prescribed. But these days some people with improper knowledge try to use medicines for even small problems and they use more and more medicines thinking that they will get cured early. But it is a wrong notion.

    At a time using more than five medications is known as polypharmacy. When we use more medicines the chances of harmful effects, drug interactions and hospitalizations will increase. We may land in new problems.

    Using too many medicines is risky. Let us have patience and use a minimum number of medicines so that we will not have unwanted side effects. Never use any medicine without a proper prescription from a qualified doctor.
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    Using too many medicines is not only risky but the side effects will also be more. Having said this, I have to admit that I am using 9 medicines prescribed by a specialist. These are regular medicines and add to them the medicines that may be prescribed for seasonal and other minor diseases. When I asked the doctor about the number of medicines prescribed, his answer is all of them are necessary in spite of the side effects they may have. These days many patients are using more than 5 medicines regularly on the prescription of the doctors. Polypharmacy is becoming necessary.
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    The purpose of medicines is to cure the ailment. Doctors will diagnose a patient and based on that diagnosis they will prescribe some medicines. Medical science is a very complicated and tough subject and there are differential diagnosis for the same symptoms and until there are some confirmatory lab tests the doctors cannot diagnose with certainty and that is the reason why some medical practitioners immediately advise some tests to the patient before pinpointing the ailment and prescribe the medicine. A clinician can give medicines based on his experience without going for tests and here is where the doctor's experience comes to the rescue of the patient and the doctor will give a set of medicines covering a lot of things as he had not gone for the tests of the patients and clinically had decided that the ailment was most probably like that and advised suitable medication. In such cases there will be a number of medicines ranging from 5 or more to take care of all the possibilities. Another interesting thing in this reference is that some medicines have some severe side effects like gas formation or nausea etc and the doctor will give the expected medicine beforehand. Due to all these complications the gullible patient has to take a large number of medicines.
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    The author is right that excess of medication would aggravate the unwanted side effects and we should be definitely cautious while consuming medicines. However, the fact is that even the physicians or the specialists are themselves prescribing a lot of medicines thinking that a few such medications will definitely target the disorders and the patients will be cured. Their perceptions might be right but what about such medications being added with the conception of the doctor that the remaining medicines should also work. Sometimes such prescriptions of the doctor could cause nausea, insomnia and other health issues.we cannot escape such medications since this might upset us thinking that suggestion of the doctor has been violated. Hence it is also clear that we are endangering our lives sometimes knowingly or otherwise.

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    In the thread about which the author has started, the same thought was going on in my mind for some time, when I was seeing how many people around me are taking medicines on their own or with the advice of anyone and on this belief But they will not have any side effect. For the past few days, where cases are increasing continuously and viral infection is also increasing, people are not trying to protect themselves, but instead of going to the doctor if there is a slight cold or fever, they are afraid of covid or other fever and are taking medicine. We are always getting such negligence in the society regarding medicines and it is surprising that people do not even learn anything from it.

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    Yes taking medicines for small issues are not good. I have seen people take medicines even when they have a minor headache or take pain killers when having a minor pain which is not good at all as they have some side effects on our body.

    Many people don't go to the doctor and prefer to be their doctor and take medicines without being prescribed by the doctor for their ailments which is a wrong practice. Maybe they think that will save the doctor's fees by it but they don't understand that they are creating problems for themselves by doing it.


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    There has been tendency among the diabetics doctors to suggest heavy doze of two or three medicines to contain the sugar levels and if that is done then the regular medicines to be taken along with BP and other disease would be more than five for a day and what the author has said is right, as our body is not ready to sustain the most powerful medicines being given to contain the disease. And this is done by a qualified doctor upon the persistence from the patients that the sugar levels and the BP be controlled forthwith. When the medicines have become the part and parcel of our daily life, we must give the body the right time and energy to recoup and adjust with the medicinal reaction inside and thus if any reactions noted, please stop the medicine for the day and see for any change of recovery to get noticed.
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    The author is perfectly right. I am seeing almost all persons taking a handful of tablets. One for Diabetic, one for Thyroid, one for blood pressure, one for vitamin, one for calcium, one for iron like wise. Many persons do not have a family doctor or single doctor for their treatment. Instead they are changing the doctors invariably. This leads more complication than cure the disease. If they have a family doctor he/she knows the body condition of the patient and prescribe medicines accordingly. Another benefit of having a family doctor is he or she need not prolong further and further test. If we go to another doctor he or she may start tests from the beginning. There are some tablets comprising of some compounding medicines. The doctors knowing this only can prescribe such tablets to his/her patients. A person known to me was taking BP tablet, as prescribed by a doctor, without knowing that his BP level normal itself 140/90 according to his body condition. This leads him into many complications.

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    As stated by the author, people these days are getting more and more habituated to medicines for their ailments. People are not ready to take up the home remedies even for the small discomforts. The work culture is also one of the reasons that is not allowing people to go for proper health check ups and diagnosis an dthen go for prescribed medicines. People take up any medicine generally to get cured of the problem immediately though the cure may be only temporary.
    People also consult Google and such other search engines to know more about their ailments rather than going to the doctors.
    This also rsults in taking up haphazard medicines and results in more ailments and side effects.

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    No doubt the use of Medications can improve the lives of people who suffer from any diseases However, taking too many prescription medications can be risky. This is because excess medicines can damage the function of organs

    Last day I have seen one of my Neighbour use medicines for bodybuilding but due to side effects, he faced many troubles.

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