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    Do you admit that you get angry?

    It is quite natural and normal to get angry but still, people avoid accepting it. Everyone gets angry but when someone else says that you are angry then you do not want to accept it and then once again start getting angry to prove yourself. Anger, unhappiness, happiness, love, hate, jealousy, etc are many emotions that we all are surrounded by almost always, which can be both good and bad, depending on how we are adopting them. If you do not like the feeling of anger in yourself, then it is better that you work on it to get rid of it, not run away from it. Even if you get angry, why hesitate to accept it, it is not bad to get angry, it is bad to nurture that anger as your ego for a long time.
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    Anger leads to serious illness and should be controlled . Some people count till ten to stop getting angry while others use a different method. it is human nature to get angry when something wrong is done to you for no fault of yours. I also get angry during certain situations. For example,when you stand in a queue as a law abiding citizen,somebody breaks the rule,I get angry. There are times when you go to the supermarket and bring your trolley near the cas counter to make the payment,and someone comes with one or two item and request the billing staff to make their bill. Obviously, the person triggers your anger.

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    Anger is just like other emotions so getting angry for the things is a bit natural but being angry for the small issues is not good. One should avoid it.

    Yes, people don't accept that they are angry when people ask them, it may be because anger is not considered good. Also, they are scared that person will persuade him/her and will give lectures about the bad effects of it.

    I don't get angry for even the big issues and it's true I consider it's a drawback for me because like other emotions one should get angry sometimes.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    Getting angry is the natural reaction of any person and if someone denies that he or she would never get angry, that means they have not studied themselves properly so far. When the things envisaged are not happening to our expectations, we do get into anger mode. and some vent the same in outburst way, some way express with sobbing and some may shout at the very system. The incompetence on our part in some issues would portray our weakness to admit that we are angry. Some may deny that they are angry and the very way of behaving itself shows. It is good to have the anger within us because that would pave way for a solution finding thought process within us, otherwise we take the matter so light. And the anger need not be a fist fight or the verbal dual, as even walking out in protest from the place also amounts to anger.
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    There are some basic traits, emotions, and reactions in human beings. Angre is one of them. Different people can get angry on different matters at different times. There are many factors which provoke anger in people. Of course it will differ from individual to individual.
    Generally during the pangs of anger our rationality and logical thinking is subdued. Our emotions come on the front and mind goes to the backyard.
    Many people take unwanted and unexpected actions during the anger phase. It is spontaneous and so instantaneous that people do not know that they have acted in such extreme way during those phases. Those people we can keep a control on their anger and keep it subdued most of the times are really praiseworthy. It is commendable to do so.

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    Yes. Anger is a very common trait in many of us. But the fact is that our anger is our enemy. Anger will do more harm to us than to the opposite side. Somebody says something and you will get angry. You may react violently to the other party. That may cause a severe loss to you. You will become emotional and under this negative emotion you can't think properly and the chances of making wrong decisions are very high. That is why we should not become angry and when we are angry we should not make any decisions or actions.
    As mentioned by the author, many people may not accept their anger. Their reply will be negative when we ask them whether they are angry. It is always better to accept that we are angry if we are really angry. That will make the other person about our mindset. If he is sensible if may leave us at that point and wait for you to become normal. Our actions when we are angry will make our friends also enemies to us. We can't differentiate which is good and what is bad when we are angry.

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