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    The day will lose its relevance

    Today is observed as National Voters' Day. It is observed with the intention that it will encourage a lot more people, especially the young ones, to take part in the electoral process. There is no special message to the voters in this thread though I would like to highlight some facts which I think is not at all encouraging. We all know that in general, there is apathy towards the politicians and many do not trust the politicians. They know most of their representatives will hardly visit them after the elections and there is a tendency among a section not to vote. This is because the section is sure that nothing much will change after the elections and the tall promises will not be kept. They are quite aware of the situation and they cannot be influenced through various messages on National Voters' Day. The media and many famous personalities may try to influence people through their messages to vote but when people find in reality that nothing much changes other than the people ruling the State/Centre then don't you think that vote itself will lose its relevance? A time may come when we will find that there will be apathy among the young ones to vote and in such cases, is there any way to influence them?
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    Go and vote is the underline and must for the democracy to survive and may the fittest and the good candidate be elected to the highest office to rule us. Those who do not understand the intricacy of voting and how the governance could be formed without the formidable candidate at the helm, then we are risking our own future. For example if a function envisaged need to be held in a proper and successful manner, the main plank would to keep the visitors and guests by offering them the quality food and that starts with qualified cook to make the items. Same way we have to impart education to youth and others to go and vote for the right candidate and then ask from them what they can do for us. The democratic system purely depends on inclusive participation of all the voters, unfortunately the rich lots are not voting at all and enjoying all the benefits of nation.
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    It is very true that when the people find that the chosen representative are not working as per the expectations and the governance is very poor then they start feeling that what is the use of giving vote to any person in that situation. So until the governance in the system improves and corruption is rooted out this feeling of people cannot be changed and we cannot force or pursue people to vote just like that.
    In a democratic system voting is the crucial basic process which determines the selection of candidates and it is the privilege and right of a citizen to give vote. At the same time if the process brings in people who simply make money and buy property in foreign lands and then in some adverse situation simply fly away from the country and pass their remaining lives in a foreign land in a luxurious way, then what is the use of voting.
    With time this problem may escalate further when more and more people start thinking that they should not vote for the dishonest people.
    It is also true that all the people elected would not be dishonest but even if a few of them are like that then the whole governance is jeopardised.

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    The people who know the value of the vote will not go for voting as they are not happy with the candidates that are contesting. They also know that nothing good is going to happen.
    People who will not understand the value of the vote will take money from all the candidates and vote for a candidate whom they like. They also know that nothing will be done for their benefit. So whatever money they can get they will earn when there is a chance.
    There should be a change in the policy. A person who is having criminal cases against him/ her should not be allowed to contest in the elections. A person who won on a particular party ticket should stick to that party only. If any of them changes their party automatically they should cease their post of MP/MLA. These posts are for service and there should not be any salary or pension to those people. When such rules are made only we can see some good people coming in to contest in the election. But the question is that who will bring in these changes?

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    Voting is our right as well as duty, but at the same time, it is also true that voting has also been made a formality. It is not that all the voters are voting with such thinking that one of our tasks should be completed, but this is the attitude of most of them. On the other hand, there are people who are choosing their representations with expectations, but when their expectations are not met, they are feeling a sense of despair and apathy. One more section of people is also there who does not affect such things and following his duties towards the country and every time try to choose correct person for the correct designation. Today youth is quite aware of their rights and they can actually bring a big change in this system so that we can save the value and importance of this national day.

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