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    Freebies during elections - should there be a complete ban or not?

    Reacting to a PIL filed in the Supreme court, the matter of giving freebies during elections has become a debatable aspect once again. The court has asked the central govt and state govt as to why a ban should not be imposed and sought suggestions. The freebies that started on a small scale in the past have now grown up to more big expectations as the parties and candidates need to spend huge money to be in the fray, otherwise, they are rejected by the voters for being more auster on the freebies. Freebies should be forthwith banned because it amounts to bribing the voter and votes go to a bribed party candidate.

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    Freebies are not good. Especially giving them during elections is very bad.
    The ruling parties are trying to introduce new schemes and trying to attract the people with these freebies. But wherefrom the government is getting money. They are getting from us only. They are collecting from us in the form of taxes, increasing rates and percentage of taxes and we are paying from our nose. So it is high time all freebies should be stopped.
    During the elections, voters are being offered free liquor, food and money and they will be gathered by these politicians to say that they have the support of the public. But the same people will be attending the meetings of all the parties and finally, they will be voting as they like.
    In fact, freebies by the ruling party during other times also should be stopped. It is more than 70 years since we obtained independence. But the wrong policies of the rulers widened the gap between the poor and the rich. The reservations on the basis of caste and religion should be stopped. The only financial position should be considered and some loans or scholarships should be given to financially backward families. But who will do it?

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    The ban should be immediate because there is no end for the wants of voters.
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    Not only the freebies should be banned but any commitment or promise on financial aspects should also be banned. For example if a politician gives a speech that after their party wins they will reduce the house tax then the politician should be debarred from participating in the election process. Similarly any promise that after coming to the power they will give Rs 1 lakh to every poor family should also be debarred.
    If they want to do some good work and help the poor then they should do it after coming to the power and not announce that in financial terms before that.
    These people are making a fool of common public and misusing the Govt exchequer if they start distributing the money like that. They should only tell that they will create employment oportunity for the people so that they can earn their livelihood honourably. They can also say that they will increase the army to give lesson to China and Pakistan but cannot announce that they will make the salary of army people ten times.
    Making a financial offer before the election should be taken as a criminal offence by election commission and all these people making that should be debarred from election.

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    While the EC imposing caps on candidates election spending it should also stop on freebies.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Freebies should be banned altogether though it is a way to grab the voter's attention towards the party and party remain under impression that there will be positive impacts with such donations. However, one thing is sure the voters are clever enough to receive the freebies from. all the existing parties. The cash and kind offered to the voters are useless since there is no sign of obligation for the generous donations made by them. In that way there is sheer wastage of hard earned money of the voters collected by the party for some constructive purposes. Offering the voters wines or some injurious alcoholic drinks containing methyl alcohol has taken the lives of many innocent public. Freebies have done more harm than any positive benefits and as such these should be banned.

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