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    Greetings on the occasion of Republic Day

    Today is India's 73rd Republic Day. Greetings to all on this occasion.

    Let us uphold the principles of the Constitution of India, safeguard our democratic principles and preserve our rich heritage.
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    Happy Republic Day to all! Celebrate the freedom as guaranteed by our Constitution. Let us not fear.
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    I wish every member a very happy 73rd Republic Day. Let us all work together for progress and prosperity of our country and make it the world's best democracy.
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    Happy republic day to all the stakeholders of ISC. Today is the 73rd republic day of the country. Many leaders sacrificed for obtaining freedom for the country. Some of them are well recognised and some are unnoticed. The efforts of all these leaders are fruitful and the country has become an independent country. The constitution of India has come to force on this day in 1950. The efforts of Ambedkar in creating one of the best constitutions are to be kept and mind and we all should respect the constitution. We should know our fundamental duties and directive principles in addition to our fundamental rights and we should follow them in their right spirits.
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    Happy Republic day to one all of this great nation. On this 73rd Republic day we are again indebted to those who have been instrumental in creating and formulating the constitution of India and made us possible to bestowed with various rights. On watching the newly made War Memorial at New Delhi through the live telecast today, it was the great feeling to see over 26,000 martyrs name are inscribed on the walls and the ever lighting of the fire in the middle signifies how the national deeply indebted to the scores of Jawans who have been relentlessly fighting for the nation at the border braving the enemies and the weather. Only this govt has recognized the bravery and services of those who lost life and yet could able to do justice their job while on duty and the way the President honored the ASI Kashmir posthumously proves that people of India would never forget great sacrifices.
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    Happy republic day to all the members of ISC. A very important day in the history of our nation when people got their fundamental rights and were given certain duties. A day of creating order In the country after the Britishers left in the chaos of partition and shattered. A day when a document became called constitution became the unifier of people. These days people rarely watch republic parade day and the tableau of various states. I remember as a kid being excited about these tableaus and being astonished by the parade, air-show and all the weaponry
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    Let us cherish the patriotic spirit and live as responsible citizen of the best democratic nation of the world, keeping the honour, pride, independence and sovereignty of our nation. Let us keep the democratic freedom spirit high and be a role model for the world peace and brotherhood, as per our traditional 'Vasudaiva kudumbakam' attitude.

    At the same time let us be ever vigilant and be valiant and brave to defend our nation's territory and integrity; to safeguard our citizen.

    Let us re-pledge and work to make this nation first, the best. and the strongest.

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    Patriotic vibes were clearly visible everywhere today. Children rejoiced and danced for the patriotic songs. Goddesses were also decorated with tri-colour flag and flowers, a remarkable change in thoughts. Let everyday begin with patriotism in our souls. Wishing you all a happy 73rd Republic Day.
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