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    What are the alternatives when one loses one's job?

    Should one be prepared for the sudden loss of one's job? If so, what suggestions would you come up with to be prepared for it?

    In today's tough and competitive environment losing one's job is not a surprise. It has happened to so many people and it can happen to anyone except those who are in a safe and secure government sector environment. So one has to keep in mind that due to the changing business environment and closing of many old businesses and emerging of new businesses there is a possibility that one may lose one's job at any instant of time.

    It means people should always look for some alternatives and keep this in the back of their mind that in case one loses the job then what is the alternative for him. Getting a new job is not easy. The only thing is with one's experience and knowledge one can go for some self-employment opportunity or join a group of innovators who are working hard to start a new business or startup.

    Please give your ideas as to what one should do in such conditions?
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    When a losing a job was expected then getting a new job is also on the cards and that is also possible. When we are working already and that proved some stuff within us and that can be improvised either for personal reason or lookout for other jobs of similar nature. Normally in private companies, the top position employees are closely watched and sought after whenever they feel low or not cared with the pleasant employment. When they poach for the employees, the offer would be good and formidable. But many does not want to join the competitor brand for obvious reason and thus end up doing some business on own. Those who have been in marketing field and has the knack of knowing the customers. there is no dearth for opportunities as they can always start their own marketing of products and welcome would be great.
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    I was working in a company and due to some difference of opinion with the Managing Partner of the company, I resigned the job. The notice period is three months. I should get a job within that three months. Otherwise, managing my family will become a big problem. I started applying for various posts that suit my experience and qualifications. I applied even for the posts which never require my qualification. I started applying for both government and private jobs. Luckily I got a good position in another company with a higher salary and perks within two months. I joined that job immediately after relieving from the previous company.
    Generally, one will know his condition in the company and also the condition of the company and based on the position one should start applying for other positions so that they may get a suitable alternate job. Based on the financial position one can think of starting a business can also be thought of. These days the banks are coming forward to give loans and if we have any plans we should start our own small business. Joining in a tutorial college or taking tuitions to students etc are some stop-gap arrangements.

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    Everyone is not so lucky to get another job and in such a situation one will have to go for some business or service or something of that sort. What do the members think?
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    The comforts of staying in a company with decent perks might be struggling some to many employees because of the bad shape of the company and once one has to leave the job for the poor financial health or otherwise, it could be a difficult difficult situation for many of us. The experience of the past company might not be useful under certain situations because of the fact that the similar situation is prevailing over there needing no manpower. But one has to manage the expenses of the family with some backup and the emoluments in such situations may not be satisfying but one has to survive along with the family members. The best way is to accept some job with even less perks and at the same time, one should go ahead for looking out the jobs as per one's ambition and aspirations. Situation can be better managed with a cool brain.

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    One should be ready for the worse. Being on job with satisfactory salary and perk is ok. Still, one should improvise when he/she is still in job, not when he needs it badly. Additional skills and experience will help him in getting a good job when needed. However, I feel one must also have a side plan like writing, blogging or even tutoring , just in case things don't work out immediately. Besides some regular investments in SIPutual funds or like wise can also support for sometime.

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    The author has given a piece of very good advice through this thread that people should always keep looking for new options and keep themselves open to new opportunities, challenges, and learnings. When we start any job we put all our efforts into the same but also learn new different things, so we should never stop to learn from everything around us. Another important thing is to enhance your skills as much as you can, a new world of freelancing Is waiting for many freelancers who have their own capabilities and skills to provide work that help others. People have a lot of work and responsibility to share with newcomers or youth or even experienced people. So when we enhance ourselves day by day we got many opportunities for new responsibilities. And these skills will help a person in his/her difficult time.

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