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    Do you get the sleep when big event is slated for the next day

    Normally any function, celebrations, marriage or event organized at our home goes through lots of planning and there cannot be any laxity of arrangements and the run up to the event would be meticulously drawn and done. Though the actions are in right direction, on the penultimate day when the event is actually going to coincide tomorrow, suddenly we get more tensed and try to evaluate the checklist for having missed out any detail to be attended and in that case getting sound sleep is not possible and our mind would revolving around. Any such experience you gone through in spite of great planning ?
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    Whatever planning we do and see that all the actions required taken well in advance, one day before the event we will definitely have more work. Final verification and filling any small gaps is to be carried out on that day only. So we will be very busy. When this event is in our house we will forget our office and concentrate on the event only. If the event is in the office we may stay back in the office and we may be busy doing the final work.
    Many times we may even not go for sleeping also. When my brother's daughter's marriage was there we all spend a sleepless night just oneday before the marriage. Packing all the items that are to be shifted to the function hall and arranging them in an orderly way so that we know the whereabouts of all the items so that we can take them out when it is needed. Then shifting them to the function hall. All the activities were completed only on the previous night and we all were there in the function hall early morning to receive the family of the wedding boy.

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    Whenever there is a big function, event, or anything which is of important nature is scheduled on the next day I invariably get perturbed and my sleep is affected.
    When I was in college I got disturbed sleep during exams, tests, and viva sessions. When I joined my job I got my sleep disturbed whenever there was a presentation to be made or I had to attend meeting with high level authorities.
    I don't know what was the reason behind that but it could be something related to doubt on our performance on that very day or feeling of failure of something at that time and things like that.
    I strongly feel that it is a weakness of our own personalities if we get sleep disturbance just because there is more important thing is going to happen tomorrow. But when it is happening in reality then what we can do? Some people might be taking a sleeping pill in such times but it is not advisable as one will become addicted to that.

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    Whatever the plan/ events are to occur, we are thinking in that line prior to happening of the events or function. This is applicable in both the areas home front or the duty place. We become somewhat restless thinking that everything should go smoothly. While working in a steel plant as an executive in the despatch department of the finished products commonly known as HRCF, I have had innumerable responsibilities including the despatch of the materials to the final destination of the customers in the allotted wagons. This needed the coordination of the crane operators, clearance of the coils from the laboratory side ensuring its quality from both mechanical and chemical sides and adherence to complete the loading of coils within the stipulated period to save demurrage to be paid otherwise. In the process of loading of the coils, searching the coils of exact specifications demanded by the customer was itself time consuming due to searching them the haphazard stacking of the coils from the yard.
    It was the night shift raining continuously and there was the visit of the chairman of SAIL to our shop to see how best we are maximising the despatch from the existing environment. It was really a stressful situation but the end result was quite exciting with the record despatch in C shift. Though everything happened as per our expectations but the stress was at peaks. We all got the appreciation letters for such a commendable performance apart monetary award of Rs 2000/ - each.

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    We can try to sleep can be done but only dreams about events can make you restless. It is quite normal that when we are preparing for a particular event for a long time and all our focus is on it, then when that event has come so close, many thoughts come to mind which is good, bad, negative, positive. Can be both ways. And due to these thoughts or over-thinking, the movement in the mind disrupts our sleep. When a student is preparing for an exam from last one year the day before the exam will make him/her nervous more, but some techniques like meditation, yoga etc help to get rid of such restless sleep.

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