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    What is the use of creating more districts in AP ?

    While AP has been late but adding 13 new districts was not in cards, but the same has been done now. Some of the new districts carved out of exiting districts to facilitate good governance. Manyam district was from Parvatipuram, Alluri Sitharamaraju dist formed out of Paderu, Anakapalli, Kakinada, Kona Sema from Amalapuram, NTR district from Viayawada, Nandyal, Sri Satya Sai dist from Puttaparthy, YSR Kadapa from Kadapa, Annamaya dist from Rayachoti, Sri Balaji dist from Tirupati. Do you think by creating more small district, the administration and reach out would be more strong than ever and the decisions would be more focused ?
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    Telangana did the same thing long back. Creating new districts may not have any impact on the people. The only thing is the distinct headquarters may be near and people can go to that place in less time. I feel this is the only advantage for a common man. For something are other many people may have to commute to distinct headquarters from time to time. That commuting time may reduce to the people.
    But based on the number of districts MP seats and MLA seats in that state may go up. The assembly of the state will have more MLAs and more MPs will represent the state in Loksabha. In earlier days one district may be having more than one MP sear. Now if only one MP to one district also, the number of MPS will also increase.
    Like small states, small districts may provide good governance as the area covered be less. More jobs may come as collector's offices will increase. But expenses will be high. The state government of AP is trying to divert the attention of the people on these new district matters so that their mistakes may go unnoticed.

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    Making new states or new districts in our country is directly linked to the ambitions and aspirations of some people. By doing that a lot of opportunities arise for getting funds from the government as well as increasing the employment potential etc. In the shadow of that some intelligent and clever people might make money also.
    Then there is another aspect when some local leaders had promised to the public that if they come in power they will carve out some new districts and things like that.
    So definitely there are some vested interests behind all these manipulations.
    For example when there were only 20 states in India then there were only 20 Chief Ministers but today there are so many states and so many Chief Ministers, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, portfolio Ministers and of course their staff.
    Is not that creating good employment and positions for so many people?

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