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    Their efforts are recognised.

    The whole world was struggling with the virus Corona. No proper treatment method was there or no vaccine to stop the spread. Across the world, all the people were looking at the scientists and pharma companies to come out with a vaccine for this.

    India's Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute has taken up the challenge and developed Covaxin and Covishield which are among the first generation vaccines to COVID 19. These two companies did well and supplied enough quantity of the vaccine to our country as well as other countries.

    In the third wave even though the cases are many the severity is less. The situation is mainly due to the vaccination of the majority of the people.

    The Indian government duly recognised the efforts of Cyrus Poonawalla of the Serum Institue and Krishna Ella and Suchitra Ella of Bharat Biotech in bringing out these vaccines and honoured them with the Padma Bhushan awards. They truly deserve the awards and we should congratulate them. We should appreciate the Indian government for recognising their efforts and honouring them with Padma awards.

    I hope all the members will join me in congratulating the award winners.
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    Make in India campaign has inspired and motivated many entrepreneurs to produce some good results and the vaccine made by these people of Serum Institute has helped India immensely in controlling the corona pandemic. They have been awarded genuinely and we all feel pride in that distinction bestowed on them by Govt of India. Our country has no dearth of genius and scholarly people only thing is that a conducive and encouraging environment is required for them to show these types of results. I wish these people all the best and hope that they will be doing still better work in the area of vaccines as these viruses are mutating and the old vaccine are becoming useless and it has become a dynamic process to fight with these deadly fast mutating microbes. The gesture of Govt to award these people with the country's most coveted award is a good gesture on the part of the Govt and it will go a long way in inspiring other people also who are doing good work in many other areas.
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    Indeed the whole world in general and the India in particular are highly indebted to Cyrus Poonawalla and Suchitra Ella for the efforts to bring in the world class vaccines which highly contained the virus and stopped deaths for the country like India which had huge population and feared more casualties in the first wave itself. But the way the government gave the impetus and given the two giants the free hand to produce more vaccines and the vaccines were given free to the people is probably one of the best world project to reach out free and even the WHO and UN has been stunned by the way India took the challenge. Even today when the third wave posed to be challenge for other countries, India getting the record straight to immunise the elders first with three shots paid rich dividends and thanks to all planning.
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