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    Really, Is the press in India honestly working?

    Article 19(A) of the Indian Constitution, India has freedom of the press. In India's struggle for independence, the press played a major role against oppression. Therefore we all know that Press is the "fourth pillar of democracy" in India.
    But Nowadays we saw that the value of Press going down day by day. Why , we do not know any particular reason but I think that all press is operated by a few numbers of the person
    What is your opinion on the value of the Press?
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    Press nowadays is polarised much and we can see that some channels are favouring one group while some are favouring the opposite camps. In such a situation the common people seeing the news and analysis are confused and do not get the correct picture of the political situation in the country. Press has the responsibility of telling the truth as far as known to them through the usual evidences. But they are not bothering for the truth and simply going for measures to increase their TRP and cheap popularity.
    It is a very ugly situation that we cannot believe the media today and there are clear cut biases seen in the reporting of various news items or other items of interest. Some small channels in the internet are trying to give the correct picture but who listens to them as most of the people are gullible and view only the high TRP channels.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Once upon a time, journalism is treated as a noble profession and people used to report what exactly happened. There were no additions or deletions to the news and people used to believe the news. But once the competition is increased and the survival of a newspaper depends on the advertisements it gets. To get more circulation to their newspaper people started writing created news and breaking news etc. That competition only spoiled the press. I know many journalists who create stories that are not real and try to blackmail people.
    Newspapers and news channels should not have any affiliation to any political party and also should not have any agreement with foreign agencies who wants to destabilise the country by using their money and power/ But these days we will not see any channel or paper without the support of one or the other political party. Many news agencies are having foreign collaborations and getting money from them, That is why the present state of the press is not at all healthy and people have no confidence in these organisations,

    always confident

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    Surely Press in India is heavily tilted towards the parties and leaders and they are highly influenced at their respective positions. Gone are the days when people used to believe what ever appeared on the print media is true and even damage control exercise would take place. But these days, when ever negative things appear on the press, the ruling party says that the news was paid one and hoisted by the vested interests to destabilize the government. And when the press glorifies the acts of govt and support the moves, the opposition would raise the bogey of particular media having sold out to the govt for a pittance. But the people are losing the fair reporting to which they have the fundamental right to know the truth. Even electronic media proved to be partisan and one sides and does not glorify the fact at all.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we read history, we find that there was a period in the past when many rules were applied in newspapers in British society, which probably almost everyone knows about. At that time also some honest newspapers were published which gave priority to truth in their news. Today the situation is different but honesty is such an element that is probably necessary for all the fields but still it is being eradicated from every field and corruption is increasing. It is difficult to improve the situation as long as politics continues to be involved in every field.

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