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    Oh,My Cron! It is only my guess

    Since the start of Covid 19 the whole world is almost under siege and captivity.

    When we were expecting the end of the pandemic with vaccination and a cultivated habit of hygienic living and social distancing, and practice of 'new normal' s in life style w are taken aback by a new term Omicron.
    The scientific and medical community somehow sends a totally confusing and hypocritic message to the ordinary people. People now are at a stage when they 'cannot spare it taking it as rope nor kill it taking it as snake'. A vey dilemmatic situation.

    But my guess- I reiterate 'my guess'- is that the crux lies in the name itself. That is a million dollar secret.

    The real name of omicron is actually Zero micron, I guess. Micron is a Nano measurement equal to One Thousandth of a millimeter. The original Covid 19 first variant was of a diameter size 0.3 micron. So it could be prevented by N95 or double mask when not exposed for long.

    But the spread of OMICRON is so fast and widespread, that even those who meticulously followed the social distancing, hand sanitising and proper wearing of N(5 mask also are affected by Omicron. That means it is not prevented by even N95 masks. This makes me take a wild guess that it is much smaller than the early original Covid virus. I again guess that virologists would have actually named it as Zero Micron size or much much smaller than the 0.1 micron size. But when it was typed and written the zero was read as alphabet 'O' and the variant got name as OMICRON.

    So as the cat is out no one wants to cage it. And the zero micron affects us all in the name of OMICRON. Oh, My Cron!! Can my guess is right !?
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    Nice observation from the author and the reasoning further testifies that this time it will not spare anyone and have its say and go. Nevertheless those who are immune and having good strength and energy are not affected and keep going. Now there has been recommendations that not everyone is needed the much hyped booster dose, as those who are above 60 are vulnerable to the third wave and other variants in queue, the government has already started vaccinating that elder group. So it is proved that youth of India are very strong and they can sustain the third wave or Omicron and one need not worry. One thing has become more habituated that we are not worried about new wave or any variant as we have gained more confidence through experience and thus India would not be deterred with new waves.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An interesting observation by the author. As per the research done in this area it is estimated that the size of coronavirus and its mutated forms range from 50 to 140 nano meters. So it is imperative that a good quality mask is required to block these microbes to enter our mouth or nose.
    Unfortunately, the Omicron variant is able to spread at a much higher speed than the original Covid-19 and that is the reason it is affecting a large section of society but the good news is that it is not as fatal and as dreadful as the original Covid-19 and that is one relief that we can have.
    It is also said that because of a large scale vaccination many people have got some immunity towards this family of viruses and that has helped to a great extent.
    Another good news is that if this fast spreading affects a large section of society then there are good chances that the herd immunity will be achieved and that will help in the self eradication of this virus from this planet. We can only hope and wait for that to happen.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Regarding the third wave namely as Omicron has affected both children, adults and the senior people but what has been observed in case of the latest spread of Omicron, rate of recovery is fast not causing lethal effects to others excepting seniors because of their weak immunity and as such it appears a right step to provide the seniors the booster doses to enhance their immune system. This is definitely a right step. However, we should not ignore the corona protocols since not necessarily, people are infected with this virus only, it could be delta or any other variant which could prove lethal ultimately. Hence to remain safe, we should adhere to strict regimes related to this virus.

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    I appreciate the observation of the author but can't say about its genuineness. There are different viruses all over the world and some are different in size and some are also similar. It is true that Omicron is finding it difficult to be stopped even by masks etc., due to its small size, but the certainty of the name is worth thinking about. Though we know the Omicron is spreading very fast thankfully it has fewer negative effects on health in comparison to other Coronaviruses, which also allow people to be more relaxed and this relaxation also increases the cases.

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    Omicron is the 15th alphabet of the Greek language. WHO is using the Greek alphabet to name the variants of the corona. Delta variant is what we have seen in the second wave. They may not be using all the alphabets. This virus is found to have a diameter of about 50nm to 140nm. the length is about 9 to 12 nm. The virus is spherical in shape.
    N95 masks can remove at least 95% of all particles with an average diameter of 300 nm or less. So N(% is good for Corona. The size of omicron is also in the same range and N 95 masks are useful for this also.
    Omicron is spreading very fast but the effects are not very severe like earlier variants. The necessity of hospitalisation is very less.
    Many countries say that the virus has now come to an endemic stage and is no more a pandemic. The vaccination helped a lot and India is not very seriously affected due to vaccination only, many believe.

    always confident

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