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    Is there something called Female Chauvinism?

    We have often heard the rather derisive term MCP to refer to any class of people, from among men, who consider that females are inferior and that men can exercise their hegemony over them?

    Is the converse true? Do we have female chauvinist? Women who think that men can be treated shabbily at work or at home or both and so on? Or, those who exhibit some sort of superiority over men in public and in private?

    Or, is all this mere fiction?
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    I don't think there is such thing as female chauvinism.
    There are assertive, aggressive and ambitious women who often lead on many platforms and thus sometimes appear ruthless and rude and seeing such a thing is not something we are grown up with. So many a time a more assertive woman may seem like a female chauvinist to a man who has grown up in an environment of dedicated and subservient women.
    At the time there may be few women who in their hunger for power may act as if they are the most superior entity but that is something exceptional to them because there is no such system in place which teaches that woman is superior like men are taught to be in all subtle as well as direct ways.
    As men grew up in patriarchal institutions patriarchy do often think they are the superior gender.
    I recently read somewhere that we are constantly empowering women and teaching them but who is making men ready for these empowered women.

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    The situation in the society should be such that neither men are suppressed by women nor women class is suppressed by men, but the truth of society is that we get both the status. As the other author also said, sometimes women do this by taking advantage of their position, etc., or many men behave like this at home or work, then thinking and experience matter a lot here. The upbringing of a person depends on the things around him. This subject has always been such that no matter can be kept on one side.

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    This is the fictional imagination of some and that has entered the author mind also. Why there need be comparison and deliberation on the count of superiority between the two genders. Both are indispensable and non separable by virtue of very creation by the God. Both have advantages and disadvantages of their own and thus when they work together each compensate for the loss or profit between them. There are companies which are headed by the female heads and the male sub staff do listen to her and work accordingly and there are many companies where the males are head and females are made to follow them. Nothing wrong between the two in doing exchange of information and knowledge and that goes a long way to churn out the best outcome. One thing is sure, females can dedicate more than the men as they have less commitments.
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    It all depends on the individual. I have seen families where women domination is prevalent. But there are many families where males are dominated. Actually, the ideal situation is that both should participate and go together.
    This situation is always good for a family.
    But in a work environment, gender no way matters. One has to work as per the role given and the authority will also depend on the level of your responsibility. We are seeing many companies that are headed by women and they have to be authoritative only.
    Irrespective of the gender one should be assertive when they should be assertive. We can't say assertiveness is domination. If we are not assertive many times we will lose many chances.

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    It varies from person to person. A male or female anyone can be a chauvinist and it depends on the individual traits. Chauvinist is a person who thinks one gender is superior to the other. Another meaning of chauvinist is used sometimes in the sense of a person who is excessively patriotic. In a place where women workers are more some woman who can lead them and fight against the gender injustice can be said as a female chauvinist. She will treat the men same way as men used to treat them before. If a woman reaches a high position and is bold and aggressive then she can be a female chauvinist.
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