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    Engaging oneself in positive territories is itself an achievement

    People generally think that when they do some activities then they should get some return out of it and in most of the cases people yearn for financial returns in lieu of their work. There is nothing wrong in that thinking but sometimes we simply undertake some activities for making ourself happy and for passing our time and if we can do that by remaining in positive and constructive arena then it is definitely a good thing and I strongly feel that it is an achievement in itself. Engaging oneself in positive territories is a big art and people who can do that will eventually be satisfied and happy in their lives. There are so many vices and evil things around us in this world and if we can avoid them and remain ourself in constructive areas then what else can be better than that? What do the members think about this?
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    A nice thread is brought by the author, surely we have got this life with great difficulties and for a short time and it is wise that we spend every single moment of this life in a positive way. We hear a proverb that an empty mind is the home of the devil, but when we keep ourselves full of positivity even in emptiness, no devil is going to find anyplace. We are a collection of different arts but it is our own responsibility to find them. When we think of doing some work in the same direction, giving importance to the interest of the surrounding and society, while improving ourselves every time, then we get many ideas to do something new.

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    Sometimes the works may not give the desired effect or result at once and we may even think of quitting the work and join the new job. But for that matter any job needs to be total attention from ourselves and that includes, negative, average and positive territories. By negative area I mean which was not tapped either too and you made the fresh foray through your approach, The second being the average territory that means it may either give you a thumbs up or down based on your approach. The last being the positive territories which has high potential of getting great success in shortest time. One thing is sure, we have to follow the mission of dissemination of information with us and whether it benefits the other is surely for them to gauge and realize and once they do that we are already an achiever in making.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Taking whatever happening as a good sign is always better and that will keep us always think in positive. When we met with an accident and there is a fracture, if we think that we are lucky, we survived with a small fracture we will get a positive feeling. If we start worrying about the accident it will give us a negative feeling only.
    So many elders used to say that whatever is happening should be happening for good only. Some people always compare themselves with somebody else and feel unhappy. We never know what are the issues the other man is facing. Unless otherwise, we get into their shoes we don't the pain of wearing those shoes. It is not good to compare with others. Let us learn to be happy with whatever we have and be positive always. Once your thoughts are positive everything will happen positive only.

    always confident

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