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    Everybody is a democrat while living in an Apartment but...

    Well, we have celebrated 73rd Republic Day Anniversary with great patriotic fervor. The great Indian Constitution has provided us Fundamental Rights and a great democracy to elect people of our choice and our democracy has survived against all odds. It stood firm in testing times and many people would quote the election results after Emergency as an example for this.

    Of late, some people say that people are afraid of speaking openly as criticism against those in power is being taken in a different way. Is it so?

    If so, why can't you be silent when there is a problem in your living area. With the rapid development of Real Estate, the gated Communities and Apartment culture have been established in every city and town. If the lift is not working, you have no patience to climb down or go upstairs. If the water tap is not working, you won't ring up to the plumber but would direct the watchman to do the needful immediately. If he fails, all the inmates of Apartment would pull down the Residents Welfare Association team to the cellar. Is it not? Why because , you are paying monthly maintenance fee for which they are accountable.

    Why can't we apply the same analogy to a larger extant? You want accountability for the maintenance fee you are paying but afraid to question those people to whom you have voted them to power. Isn't it the irony of our logical thinking?
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    It's quite interesting but the thing is how effective will it be if people start questioning the people in power. Inside the apartment, things may be fixed by shouting and accusing but once we vote a political party to power shouting or accusing them is not enough to bring in the required changes. For this, a large movement of common men is required. So far, I have not seen enough people coming out on the streets to protest against a specific issue other than one or two specific incidents. If you are not satisfied with the representative the only option available to you is not to vote for the representative during the next election. Maybe we remain too busy with our own activities and never think of the larger aspect of any issue. As an individual people protest when they are inconvenienced, they hardly protest when another one is inconvenienced. The structure of our system does not allow us to raise our voices because the political parties in power and the law enforcement agencies work for each other. You will hardly find the policemen taking action against leaders who are in power but never hesitate to take action against leaders who are in opposition. People do not protest against this thinking it is not their business to look into such things and if they interfere they will be harassed. Things will be different if a large section of people protests overpowering the police authorities but that doesn't happen maybe because of the economic structure. A section of people thinks that the leaders are masters and they are slaves. As long as this concept is not altered it will be difficult to alter the situation.

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    The author has given a good analogy between the living in housing society and living in our country. It is very true that the residents living in a housing society not only know their rights but they also know that the managing committee of the housing complex can not do any harm to them in anyway and whatever they say they will listen to it patiently and try to solve the problem raised by them.
    When we extrapolate this situation to the country as a whole then we find that up to a certain threshold our voices would be heard by the higher ups but when the higher ups find that the voices are going beyond the threshold and would affect their apparent reputation then they use their powers to shut up the individual and that is the reason why most of us also stop at that limit or even beg pardon.
    By virtue of the position a person becomes so powerful that he can ask the police incharge under him to arrest someone on some fake charge and put behind the bars. The innocent individual might get bail soon and come out of the jail but the powerful person has already shown an example to others that keep quiet otherwise you will also suffer in same or more severe ways.
    Most of us are afraid of the higher ups because they have power to harm us.
    That is why some people who want to fight against the ruling regime first collect a large number of like minded people and when a large crowd is created then start agitating and then the powerful person thinks twice before harming them because the mob will make his life also miserable. If he uses military or police to disburse the mob then he loses the election next time.

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    As long as people are silent and not demanding their legitimate right, the authorities and the govt would be on slumber for ever. When we paying for maintenance of the colony or apartment, we are eligible for the expressed facilities and that cannot be denied. When we are living in the ward under the purview of panchayat or the municipal division, the corporator is accountable to do the basic thing made available to us. The wards are maintained through the MLA and MP funding and the central and state govts are giving money for the basics to which the MLA's would spend as per their convenience and recommendations. So the voters have to ask them and come out with proposals. In fact during NTR govt each colony took up massive development work through 40 percent and 60 contributions from the govt.
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    The comparison is good. But the practical situation is something different. In an apartment, we will be seeing the people of the committee before us always. The problem we are facing is being faced by the people who are looking after the maintenance activity of the complex. When the problem hurts us, our reaction will be different. If we are not having any effect on the problem we may not react immediately,
    The people in government will not have any problems and all facilities are available to them on an immediate and emergency basis. So they are least bothered.
    Many people may have a fear to go against a person who is in a powerful position. They fear that they may be made scapegoats by them. At the same time, they may feel that they may have to go for their help for many other things in future so they may not like to go against them.

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