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    Step back even before you start, is the biggest stumbling block.

    We all have shortcomings and it is quite normal to be like this, so it should not be taken in a negative way, but giving up without effort or preparation, or going back in panic, is such a shortcoming that can be considered as the biggest one because it is this lack that can stop us from doing anything new. Probably everything is possible for us humans and this new world of the internet has made it even easier. Even if we do not have information about any work or if we are going to do any work for the first time, we can get the related information from the internet which will prove to be helpful to us. Without taking any effort or step, stopping beforehand, this stumbling block should be removed from within us forever.
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    Getting nervous is the best reaction from any human being no matter how strong he or she would be from outside but from inside the doubts of setback always lingers in the mind and that works as the biggest stumbling block. For every work and task , there need to be proper start and beginning and that would give the required confidence and courage. There are people around us who would indulge in the crab game of puling us down at the beginning stage itself thereby we go into the mode of nervous. But we must understand that the planning and execution is in our hand and not others are controlling us. Therefore we need to go ahead irrespective what is in store for us and that kind of positive move would create more confidence and surge ahead than envisaged. Once we are in the striking rate of achievement the rest things move fast.
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    A task that is started well will end well. This is what many people believe. We see for auspicious date and time also for starting a work thinking that the starting will be good and we can finish the work successfully. But sometimes it may not happen as we think or plan. When the beginning itself is not as expected definitely we may get disappointed and we may stop working on that issue further. Here only our determination and patience will come in handy. We should determine to be successful and we should do what all we have to do to make the task successful. Perseverance is very important. Always life is not walk on roses. There will be thorns also. We should be able to face both equally, we have to behave cautiously and take all required steps and precautions to see that we will be successful. Setbacks are expected and overcoming those setbacks and moving forward is only good for us to shine in all the areas.
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    Staying steady and facing the challenges makes one more experienced and wise. One may not achieve success in every venture, one is definitely learning something from each such failure. These learnings and experiences make the way for the next big challenge. So running away and stopping before starting is just hiding.

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    Yes, it is correct. One has to take the first step to do something and unless you start you will never be able to reach the destination. If you plan to go somewhere you have to begin the journey to reach there. In many cases, people remain fearful of the consequences and more importantly they think about what others will feel if they fail. This feeling restricts them from carrying out new ventures. This feeling must be removed to go ahead. The success or failure comes after taking the action. If the action is not taken then there is no question of any kind of success.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Many times when we think of undertaking a job or task then we assess it in the best possible manner. If it is not our cup of tea we will avoid attempting it. When we feel that we will be able to do that job comfortably or with some help rendered by our peers or outside agencies then we take up that job. This is the starting point where people sometimes take risk and sometimes just leave it and avoid going for that task.
    It is definitely our weakness if we assess a job and think that we will not be able to do it and then we leave it. If we are going to do like that then we will not be able to take up new jobs and new risks in our lives.
    It is said that no risk no gain. If we want to make progress and flourish in our lives then we must take new jobs and new risks in our lives. That is the only way to test our capabilities and progress ahead. Attempting a job itself is a great endeavour. Let us not bother what will be the result.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When you want to achieve something in life, you should never give up though you might come across hurdles. True achievers are those who keep on trying till they succeed and do not go back when they are unable to go ahead. If you read the biography of great people in various fields, you will find out how hard they had tried to reach the present position. Having a goal in life is very important and try to fulfill is another milestone. Even before the advent of the internet,many people had earned fame and had got noticed. The internet has only made it easier because of its easy accessibilty.

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    Yes, it is one of the biggest weakness of Human Beings and they tend to withdraw before entering the fray. Main reason is that we are influenced by the people who unknowingly or willfully intimidate us by exaggerating the difficulties while traversing the road to success. We visualize the difficulties without assessing our strength and weaknesses.

    For example, everyone including the school teachers picturize the role of a Dist. Collector as a King of the District and passing the IAS exam as a Herculean Task. No one would say, 'you work hard and you would rise to that level one day'. Thus the practical thing is we project the things more than required and indirectly discourage people so that they step back before they start. This trait is thus generally generated from the outside sources and individuals should think of their own and should make an effort to make an attempt before backing out without any try.


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