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    By vandalising the railway property what the job aspirant convey ?

    Owing to alleged irregularities in the railway exam, the aspirants got furious and set ablaze a coach on fire thereby causing damage to the railways and services affected in Bihar. This is unbecoming of the candidates who need to qualify through entrance test for any posts in railways and there are formalities and procedures of written exams for the limited posts and there cannot be any recommendations or short cut way to get jobs in railways. By vandalising the properties the students are now under the lens of law enforcing agencies who going to arrest few of them and thus their career is lost. Why youth gets furious for no reason ?
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    It is an unfortunate situation that some people are destructing and destroying their own national properties just like that. It means that there is some basic flaw in our social system as well as the governance of the Govt. Young people are the pillars of the society on which the future of this country depends and if they start destroying the properties in that casual manner then how we are going to progress and flourish. It is true that job position is very critical in our country but what is the signal these young people want to give by such negative actions? Govt has to take cognisance of these stray incidents as they create a situation of lack of direction and guidance in the country and it is also evident that law and order system is not properly working. These people who resort to such actions should be caught and the money lost in the destruction should be taken from there families and if they are not able to pay then their houses and land should be auctioned and they should be on the streets so that no one can dare to repeat such senseless things in future. If required we have to enact tough laws like that to teach these people a lesson for their life time.
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    It is really an unfortunate phase that some misguided youths have set fire on a coach because of their frustrations due to observance of the irregularities in the Railway Examinations. It clearly indicates that the youths become furious if the issues are not moving as per their expectations. A part of responsibility lies with the society where there is no teaching of the youths regarding the ways how they should behave rationally protecting the national properties. They are the part of the societies and such behaviours from their parts would encourage the rest youths to follow the same norm if the administration is not taking a serious step to combat such untoward happenings. The present situation demands to nab the culprits and should take measures to attach their properties for such misdeeds.This should be the eye opener for the rest of masses.

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    A very sorry state of affairs. Any agitation in the country will lead to spoiling the public properties only. Now the aspirants who wanted to a job in railway will lose that opportunity if they get booked in this case. One should never cut the branch on which he is sitting or wanted to sit.
    There may be a point in that fury. But it is not the way they have to express their anger. Already railways are suffering and the government may go for an increase of fares of goods transport or people transport. This type of incident will add ghee to the fire. The price increase may become inevitable.
    By any chance, if any particular person is proved to be guilty in this incident his future will be in the doldrums and he may lose the chance of getting a government job. I suspect some political hands also in this entire episode and the innocent people may become scapegoats in this incident finally.

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    I am not supporting the youths who vandalised the properties but why blame only the youths? In many assemblies, we have seen members abusing each other, throwing chairs and tearing important papers. Have we ever heard that some actions were taken against them other than occasional temporary suspensions? I am not trying to justify the acts of the students by comparing them with that of the MLAs/MPs but trying to remind the situation everywhere. There is frustration in many places yet, different people express their frustration in different ways. Youths learn from the elders. If the elders behave in the same way we need to treat the elders in a different way. In many cases, one has to learn ways to deal with frustration. At many homes, we may find there is a trend to throw away and break things in anger. Unless this behaviour is checked the situation will not improve. We may find these youths do the same thing in their homes which is reflected in their behaviour at examination halls or railway stations. Punishment alone will not be enough. Along with studies students must learn to behave properly and teachers and parents alike should play active roles in it.

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