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    When was the last time a lie benefitted you?

    Have you ever gone through a situation where you had to deliberately lie so that it would be beneficial to you? Share your experiences.

    Speaking the truth always is considered the best policy but there are times we speak lies because of many reasons like having fear, greed, or other emotions or insecurities. In the long term, speaking the truth is found to be a wise decision but even then we say lies and sometimes get benefitted from it as well. But we all are humans and I would not support it but we all do so.

    I still try to be truthful but at many testing times, I failed and spoke lies and always wonder if the situation would have been different, had I spoken the truth.

    Speak up about your experience where you think you have benefited from a lie. And it should be a thoughtful lie rather than a desperate one.
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    Telling lies is not good quality. It is easy to speak the truth. No imagination is required. But if we have to tell a lie, we have to be ready to answer the question that may come from the other person when he hears the lie we told. It requires a lot of thinking and we should remember what we are telling. If we forget and tell another lie, we may get caught. If we speak the truth no necessity to remember what we said.
    But sometimes we will be telling lies, to get some small benefits. Many times many of us might have told lies to get a loan sanctioned by our boss. In a private organisation even though we have eligible leaves, the boss may not sanction leave if there is any important work. I faced this problem many times. Finally, I started telling wrong reasons for getting my leave sanctioned. Whenever I say a wrong reason. my boss was sanctioning leave to me easily.

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    Telling lies is considered bad and it is not beneficial by any means . You always have the guilt of not speaking the truth if at all you had benefited by not speaking the truth. But,under unavoidable circumstances we have to lie. For example,when somebody finds out from the doctor that the disease their closed one is suffering from is terminable,the relative lies when he says that the patient would be cured soon. Although in this case,not disclosing the fact is accepted, the truth is going to be found out soon . I can not think,plot and lie and I had never faced such a situation. However,
    I would like to narrate an incident when I had lied to my husband which is in a different context. It so happened that once I went to an exhibition and purchased an expensive saree. I knew my husband would not like it because he feels that spending too much on clothes is waste of money. But,when my husband saw the saree and about the price,i tod him half of its cost. My husband burst out laughing and slowly removed the price tag and showed me and we burst out laughing. I feel telling lies is also an art and everyone can not master it.

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    Sometimes telling lies becomes inevitable. Theoretically speaking one should be honest and always speak truth but in practice it seldom happens.
    We had a group of senior citizens in our housing complex and we used to go to nearby park in the morning for chit chatting and many other things to enjoy ourselves in the morning for 2-3 hours. Some of us walked in the park while some did yoga and other such exercises. It was really very enjoyable.
    During the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic some of us stopped going there while many where continuing it by using mask and social distancing. Those who were going regularly were regularly phoning us asking why we were not going there. I told them that I was not keeping a good health so I was not able to attend that morning meetings and got rid of their telephone calls.
    So at times in our lives we have to tell lies just to manage the things. Some people may consider it as a diplomatic move also but whatever it is, it has to be done in the right perspective.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What matters the most is the hidden intent behind any truth or lie. If the truth is also being told with a bad intention, then it will be wrong, by bad intention, you are telling a truth to the knowledgeable person to make someone sad or upset and then you are happy with the problem of the other person. That would be really bad. On the other hand, if a lie is being told to save someone from suffering, then it should not be said wrong. It is not that hiding the truth just because it is bitter or hurtful, but it is also necessary to have the right way of telling the truth. If everything is presented in the right way at the right place, then it does not give defeat in that way. Some people are more straightforward than necessary and consider themselves much better by saying everything clearly, there is no harm in this, but still, we are human then we should work with our understanding.

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    Since we have been battered with the people from all walks of life, sometimes taking to lie is also important to avoid their presence for the moment. For example if a person is very talkative and wants to visit us personally, then better to avoid him because we are really going through challenges of life and his presence is not going to benefit us and we are going to waste our time. Sometimes when we are going out and when others wants to join the marketing spree with us, that can also be avoided by telling lies that we are going to relatives place for urgent work. We have to manage people to avoid them because we cannot sustain their presence which has become nuisance and not helpful. But there are people who are really helpful to us and we need to tell them the truth to have their continued presence with us.
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    I smiled at the thread as I had to tell a small lie very recently. Generally I am not habituated to tell 'lies' and of the opinion what is the requirement to tell a lie if we are truthful to ourselves. My reputation of speaking the truth is also at higher rating given by my family members and friends.

    My sister and brother-in-law are in pharma business and they follow very strict Covid guidelines even at home. Regular sanitization, handwash and taking bath whenever going outside and returning home are very common features adapted even today. The other day I had to visit their house and driving the car on my own. I am permitted because of this reason, for others who come by bus or train , they are barred from visiting them. I told them that I would be visiting them after having a courtesy with my friend who happened to be a Principal of a residential College. I gave confirmation to my friend also. After coming to know my schedule of visit, my brother-in-law asked me to visit their house directly first and meet my friend during return journey. he cited the reason that the Residential schools are prone to Covid as reported from various schools and my friend being a Principal of such school is susceptible for Covid or Omicron. I said Okay but thought for while. The programme is already scheduled and my friend would be waiting, also meeting him during the return journey may not be possible because it may be late in the night.

    I decided to go ahead with the original plan and on reaching my sister's house, I told them that I started late due to some urgent work. While returning, they asked whether I was going to meet my friend, I told them that it was not feasible then and would fix it later.

    A sweet lie violating the Covid norms fixed by my B-i-L!


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    Though I am known among my family members and friends that I speak truth at all times and my statements have been verified very often and they don't find any deviation in this regard. However, it is not true always that I don't take the advantage of situations.
    I recall back an old incident when I had to visit a physician in connection with the treatment of my father in -law. While crossing the road he was not cautious enough and met with a minor accident with his collision with the bicycle rider engaged with hearing the music from mobile phone and not noticing his approach of the cycle rider. He felt on the road due to the sudden collision with the cycle. Finally we reached to the hospital somewhat late for his diagnosis and review of medications related to heart. On our return, both of us avoided telling the real happenings telling a lie that the doctor was crowded with the patients taking so much time for their visit. Though it was a sheer lie but anyway I did not make her anxious by telling the facts.

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