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    A generation of reactionary speakers and less listeners

    We are the generation of reactionary speakers. More I see younger generation kids with all the positive aspects with them about being able to speak up for what they feel right without thinking much about others feeling. Believing less in "formalities" and standing up for themselves. This happens with every generation the next generation becomes more vocal than the earlier one which is the normal case.
    But with the kind of exposure, this generation has of internet access, social media, online classes and all the content in the world at the tips of fingers, sometimes this generation feels so impatient, reactionary, intolerant, never compromising and less giving. Which all can be good qualities and bad as well depending on the context but they rarely understand this context. The kind of trolling that happens on the internet over just a slight issue tells us about this.
    For example, recently a song by Govinda was released on YouTube, which is not that good from the point of view of the present generation. And people showed their displeasure towards the song but many went too far in their trolling by abusing the actor. I have always been a person who praises the modern-day generation for their vocalness but I believe there should be some moderation to it.
    Do you think this form of reactionaries and trolling culture is right ?
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    Social media is a good place to communicate with each other or present ones viewpoint on some issue but when it is used to offend someone for any reason or not then it becomes an ugly thing bringing pain and hurt feelings to many. Many youngsters are addicted to social media and many time fall in the trap of trolling or even condemning a person for some action or thought. This is a wasteful exercise creating ill feelings and the beneficiary of this is the platform which earns money through more views to the associated advertisements or through the contracts with mobile data companies or channels. Young people are prone to fall for vices and bad things and social media platforms are exploiting that weakness. They will send an email to inform the subscriber that such and such thing is trolling and if the subscriber has time he or she must visit and add ones feelings there. It is business for them but disaster for the young generation.
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    What my elders taught me is we have to hear more than talk. God has given us two ears but only one mouth. So always practice hearing and then talking.
    These days there are many ways for people to understand what is happening around them and also a lot of chances to showcase their talents. So the younger generation is becoming more knowledgeable and their understanding of the issues is better. But they have no patience to hear what others say. If an elderly person starts telling something, they feel that man is wasting their time. This attitude may be due to the availability of information around them in the digital world and they can access everything through the internet.
    Being vocal is good but at the same time thinking that we know everything and we need not hear anybody is not a good trait.

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    I do not know whether the author referred to being impatient, reactionary or intolerant as good qualities. One has to react according to the situation which is good but becoming impatient or intolerant will spoil things. Imagine a situation where everyone is speaking and nobody is listening to anyone. The situation is somewhat similar. When you are speaking to someone or to a group you expect them to listen to you. Instead, if everyone talks then nobody listens and ultimately there is chaos. Whatever you are doing must serve a purpose. When you are trolling someone are you serving any purpose or expressing your extreme dissatisfaction? This expression of dissatisfaction is an indication that the people doing them are unable to handle their emotions which is not good in any way. The depression is rising so is trolling and other such kinds of abuses. They are interrelated.

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    With the advent of more tools of information galore the present generation have become more reactionary speakers, not realising the after effects of their utterance because what ever said in the public goes viral within seconds and that becomes trending. Some are doing intentionally to hog the limelight and they are also aware of the law enforcing agencies trying to fix them for instigating speech. Giving reaction to a statement is different and giving first hand information on the own against the system without verifying the facts is different. The internet cannot be taken granted for wholesome new ideas and facts but the feeds are taken as source and voiced in public and that gives rise to outrage reactions from opposite sides. Being a reactionary speakers is good and wanting also but that should be guarded.
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