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    Has our sleep patterns changed significantly? How does it affect us mentally and physically?

    The modern world of today has undergone remarkable changes and sleeping late and getting up from the bed late had become very common. The reason is that almost more than half the people who have smartphones surf on the internet or chat on the social media before going to bed which ends up in long waking hours. This habit exhausts those people physically and psychologically.The relationship at home and with friends suffers due to this habit. It is really funny when we find teenagers covering their face with blankets and using the smartphones smartly hiding from their parents. Sleep deprivation might lead to several problems and should be brought under control with immediate effect. But how to do it ?
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    There is an old saying - early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy wealthy and wise. Today most of us are doing opposite to that so the results will also be in accordance with that only.
    When we get up early in the morning and do the routine exercises then at the end of the day we feel exhausted and we get sleep easily. Lack of exercises and lack of physical activity are the main reasons of not getting sleep in time. Over and above that there are addictions of games, social media, and other indulgences in which people often keep themselves engaged till late night. Another thing is late night parties which has become a 'in' thing in recent times and that is also one of the main reasons of going to sleep late.
    It requires a great amount of discipline and self control if one really wants to go to bed early in the night. When we ourselves are not able to do that then how we will inculcate that good habit in our children?
    A timely and sound sleep is a prerequisite for good health and not only physical health but also mental health and it is imperative that we must strive for that.

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    The gadget in the palm making wonders with information galore and the youth is much addicted to the cell phone, no matter they are ready to compromise the much wanted sleep and try to wake up till 12 am to greet the friend the happy birthday. The competition between them is so hot as to who is wishing first is the bet. Now they had already wasted three hours of good sleeping between 10 pm to 1 am. Sleeping in time is the habitual trait for many and if that is disturbed, one will not get proper sleep thereafter. Now the next day would become fatigued as the essential 8 hours deep sleep was interrupted and that has the say on productive working hours. Most of the youth when they ride bike next morning has the vision effect on their route as the sleep was not proper and not complete and that gives rise to nausea.
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    We used to sleep by 9 PM and used to get up by 5 AM. If we were not getting up by 5 AM my father used to come and make us get up. We continued the same habit for a long time. Slowly over a period of time, the sleep pattern is also getting changed. Nobody wants to sleep before the date changes. Many may get up after 8 AM only.
    There are many reasons.
    The living style changed a lot. Many of us may behave many works to do in the office and we may not be able to complete them within the stipulated time due to various reasons. This will make us reach home late. Added to that we have the traffic issues also. Once we are late to home, we are bound to be late to bed. Once we are late to bed we may get up late. This is how there may be a change in the sleeping pattern.
    Evening parties and celebrations are more these days as all will be busy during the day time. These parties will go on for hours together and we will be late to bed.

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    Obviously we must maintain timing with respect to sleep and any deviation in the sleep pattern would put us in trouble and the pattern cannot be resolved so easily. Hence we must have the disciplined approach fixing time for each activity. If the things are resolved in this way, nothing would be pending planned for the day. May be even doing so, there might be some overlapping of the times but still then, it could be manageable within the time frame. The benefits of going to the bed at 9 pm sharp and getting up at 5 am has its own advantage. If we follow this schedule, our dinner would at around 7 pm providing sufficient time for digestion of our food stuffs. In that way, there would not be any stomach issue and as a result a sound sleep would occur. This would have another added benefit. Morning hours is the best for exercise, yoga and concentration for our ongoing activities. Hence we must adhere to a regular routine.

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