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    Why do some people continue with the same job even though they get are offered better salary by othe

    Joining a new company for better prospects is very common among experienced and qualified staff. However,some employees cling on to the job for several years for various reasons. The first reason is job satisfaction. For instance,if the colleagues are friendly,the management impartial and the ambience is good,such people don't bother about resigning for the sake of salary hike.
    They continue working till their retirement.
    Is there any other reason which you have noticed?
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    There are many reasons for taking such a decision for not shifting to a more salary job. First is the job security. Today the business environment is changing so fast that any company can lose the business any time and may have to close down and then there is no job security in such companies. Hence if a person foresees that happening in the company which is offering high salary he might not opt for that.
    Another thing is family and place. If the second job is at a far off place away from the family then many people will reject that due to obvious reasons. Another reason is uncertainty of the workplace environment in other company and if that is not good what is the use of money only.

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    The other reason is the lack of aspiration to grow further if one continues doing the same thing again and again over the years. Salary is not the only deciding factor to switch over to a new job and there are other things too like the type of job, role, the chance for further growth, etc. When a sense of complacency develops people tend to feel there is no need to progress further. I think job satisfaction and feeling complacent are two different things.

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    There can be plenty of reasons for not changing the current job despite getting good offers elsewhere. One of them could be relocation. Changing the city could be a problem for both family members. You may be emotionally attached to your existing neighbors or your friends and colleagues at the job. Another could be changing the school of children. Chances are that you are getting good offers but your heart does not want to move to another company or city.
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    Lack of confidence is another reason. Some people that to settle in the new environment is very difficult and they may not be able to perform their duties will. This thinking comes only due to not having self-confidence. The present job was also a new job on the day of our joining in the job. We are able to do a good job here. So we should think that we can fare well in the new job also. Otherwise, we may not be able to go to top positions.
    Some people never wanted to move to a far off place from their native place as they may have to go separately from their parents and other family members. There is no far away place for an employee. He should be ready to go to any place. We see these days many people going and settling abroad because of the huge money they get there as salaries.
    In some families we see both wife and husband working and one of them may be in a government job also, Such people may not show interest to change the job as they can't shift the family to the new place.

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    For some sticking to the present job and getting adjusted to the work and work environment would make them at home and feel like belongingness no matter the salary was not satisfactory nor hiked even after many years. Some of the reasons for sticking to the same job for years could be, nearer to the home and other places where we need to frequent for one reason or the other. That the co-employees are more cooperative and understandable, and more over the work is amicable, not with so much pressure, and yet there is scope for some promotion or the other in near future. Some management do see the involvement of workers and sticking to the job for many years and they also feel to extend some privileges and facilities not given to other employees, and new job means it may not have the advantages of all.
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    The major reasons for this are
    a. Job Satisfaction: The work he or she handling is most satisfactory to him or her. The involvement in the work created further and further because of his/her dedication in the work and liking to work.

    b. Job freedom: In some organizations, the employees are given freedom to express his or her views for the improvement in work atmosphere and his opinions are considered totally or at least to some extent.

    c. climate of the job: Superior, subordinates and staff of other departments are if acted with fraternity, the thought of moving out will not arise in his or her mind.

    d. respect for the employee through the organization: If the organization is repute, the same repute will come to the employee. In such case, it is very rare to move out by the employee on any issues.

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    Despite getting a chance to have got a job somewhere with decent perks, there are some people who would not like to have any change of their jobs. There are a few important considerations for them. The chief being the security of the job with which they are rendering for a long time. They are fearful that they might not enjoy that secured environment under the changed regime. The other important factor behind the refusal of the next job is their recognition of their services in the present regime and they are fearful that they might loose such conducive environment on getting their jobs changed. Punctuality is the essential parameter to be followed in any service and that cannot be maintained if they change their jobs because of the long distance to be covered under that situation. For them, money alone is not the deciding factor for the acceptance of new responsibilities.

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