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    Why India remains a developing nation?

    I know you have various statistics in terms of industrialization, per capita income, etc and we cannot deny that but if I ask when India will become a developed nation there will be no specific answer. You may give various reasons for India remaining a developing nation like population, corruption, etc and I agree all have a role but are we not missing out on one important thing? Each government will roll out their own policies and schemes proclaiming they are better than the previous ones but nobody developed a concrete system to be followed by all which is quite essential. Think of the education system in our country. There are various boards and syllabi and different parameters for different boards. There is no uniform salary system and a wide parity exists. There are separate rules for separate states and everyone alters the rules according to their wishes. In any big company, there is a concrete system followed by the management and the employees and they stick to it. Whenever the system is not followed there is chaos. In a country like India where there is different caste, creed and religion it may be difficult to implement a concrete system for all but if there is no concrete system the development will be bound to some pockets, not an all-around one. Unless there is a concrete system for industrialization, education, welfare, etc we will not be able to become a developed nation. Members, what do you say?
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    India has been the developing nation for many years now and who is giving the credentials for having to say our country is developed nation and what were the yard stick is yet not clear. But what I am seeing a deep routed conspiracy across the globe which does not want to accord India the developed nation tag. In what way we are behind the so called the super powers or the developed nations across the country. When other super powers are wanting to have military exercise on par with them, that means we are considered equal to their might and strength and that prove we are already developed. And when the vaccines were supplied to the world from India that day itself we have become developed nation. We need not get certificates from other organization or nation, we know our strength and drawbacks to improve upon.
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    Development depends on good governance which unfortunately we are lacking in our country. Good governance doesn't mean to provide free ration and free facilities to the people. It means to have a good discipline where everyone will have to work and then only one would get remuneration for it. In our society there are so many bad and evil elements which are creating a lot of problems and earning money through ill measures and they are very sure that if they are caught they will get bail or they will be out of the jail soon and there are people in influencial positions to protect them and to help them in such adverse times.
    There are some states which feel pride in disowning the central Govt and even provoke the public in that direction. It is a sorry state of affairs but is happening in real life situation.
    There are many people who want all the facilities in this country but when it comes to doing something and sacrificing for the nation they step backwards. There is no compulsory military training to train people to protect the country in case of emergency.
    There are no jobs in the country but government servants are being paid very high salaries. So when there are so many anomalies then it is natural that we will remain a developing country for quite some time.

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    The gap between the poor and rich in our country is very steep. The top 10% hold 57% of national income while the bottom 50% hold 13% only. The World Inequality Report shows India as a poor and very unequal country. Having military power is not an indication of a developed country. It shows that the country's priorities are misplaced. India can become a developed country only when the inequality gap between the rich and poor is lowered significantly.
    The unemployment in the country is very high and it is at a peak over the past forty years. Only when these problems are solved, the country can be said to be on the path to becoming a developed nation.

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    There are many internal and external factors that are quite relevant for the barrier of developing nature of our country.
    Attempts to keep pace with rising levels have to pay a heavy price due to climate change and the degradation and erosion of natural ecosystems. This not only harms ecological services but also hinders the very foundations of traditional culture, which governs all kinds of movements that have developed on Earth.
    The world's second-largest population and its ever-increasing growth are more than the country's marginal development growth.
    The limits of the planet that human beings need to adhere to in order to survive and prosper in the future are now under tremendous pressure.
    GDP growth cannot be sustained indefinitely. For this reason, no alternative growth-oriented approach has been developed in the hope that segregation will be possible.
    The concern of India and the underdeveloped or developing countries is mainly the Western domination created by the Global North, which has not been possible in the overall situation of this country. Full disconnection will mean fierce competition between the efforts to increase the rate of technical proficiency with limited financial resources and the rate of economic growth that we have not been able to do.
    India now urgently needs an overall development variant that will link the ecosystem with the aspect of development allocation concerns. At the same time, the plan and its proper implementation were urgent but did not succeed. I do not think that our country will achieve developed nature within a short period under present trends.

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    I do not think that the yard stick of rich and poor, or solving the unemployment problems would decide the position and stand of our status as developed country. In what way we can defend our enemies with all three forces is the matter that would decide our supremacy and nothing more than that. Today India boast of strong armed forces presence and our three forces are mainly responsible to safeguard the country from aggression.
    K Mohan
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    This question always generates in my mind. When I was studying in school, the Social Studies teacher used to tell us "India is developing nation with vast resources". After two decades, my daughters continued to read the same sentence. When we can comfortably say India is a developed nation?

    Of course, scenario has changed. We are front runners in many aspects. Whether we accept it or not, keeping aside the political differences, the Vajpayee Government, succeeding UPA and now the Modi Governemnt have contributed a lot for the better growth of the country and we are well ahead of other countries in many factors.


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    Yes, of-course. I agreed your statement and I also confirmed that India remains a developing nation. As per my knowledge and opinion, the following concerns are some strong reasons to say that India remains a developing nation.

    1. The main reason for this issue is the corruption in the every field of India. The strong anti-corruption mechanism should be implemented.

    2. There is no proper planning for long term achievement and also no proper strategic plan with systematic approach. so, the proper Vision and Mission should be implemented to reach the goal of developed nation.

    3. Many political parties announces free giving of many items during state elections. These parties uses government yearly budget amount to fulfill the needs of those free giving. This attitude destroy the complete growth of our nation.

    4. Many talented IT people who are getting education from our country are going to USA to work for getting more salary. So, the total potential talent of our people have been used for the growth of already developed country like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and etc.. This trend and attitude should be changed.

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    The growth in our country is not inclusive. The United Nations compiles the Human Development Index(HDI). The HDI considers the health, education, and income in a given country to provide a measure of human development. The 2020 report published based on the 2019 data puts India at 131 out of 189 countries. India is put under the developing country category. Countries ranked by the United Nations in its report of 2020 from 1 to 66 are considered to be of very high HDI, ranked 67 to 119 are considered to be of high HDI, ranked 120 to 156 are considered to be of medium HDI, and ranked 157 to 189 are considered to be of low HDI.

    There is another new concept Global North and Global South that is developed to classify the countries according to their socio-economic characteristics. The Global North is a term used to identify affluent and developed countries. The Global South indicates lower-income countries. India is under Global South. The Global North and Global South are not geographical entities.

    India has progressed a lot but the huge population is its biggest problem. In my previous response, the inequality in our country is mentioned. This inequality is progressing at a rapid pace. No country with the majority of people living with lower incomes can be called a developed country. The development in some sectors and few industrialists cannot be a matter of pride. We cannot just ignore such indicators and take pride in the development in a few sectors like information technology. The earlier we recognise these indicators and take corrective measures the better it is for the country.

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    The author very precisely touched on the main reason behind the country not becoming a developed country. The policies and the systems in the country are always changing. Of course, for a long time, a single party only rules the country but couldn't do much for the betterment of the country. There should be a robust mechanism that will be working always towards a goal. The goals or the goal-reaching paths can't be changed as per the whims and fancies of the governments.
    India progressed well but the fruits never reached all equally. That is why we are seeing an increased gap between the poor and rich. Unless otherwise this gap is reduced we can't see our country as a developed country. I feel like a constitution India should also have a written down document for the developmental activities and that should not be changed by the governments from time to time and the same should be followed. Like this, we can say many things. But whenthe rulers are not having the nation first concept we can't expect India to be a developed country.

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    India is called a developing country because of its corrupt image in the world. It harms us very badly. At all the levels in governance, people forget their duty and start taking extra money in form of corruption. People's money is not utilized in sanctioned projects. They are only for showing on papers. It is very bad that today youngsters are also keen to take government jobs for job security not to give in return to the nation. We can change this by changing ourselves. Let us not give bribes or any kind of monetary benefits to such people. We must encourage entrepreneurship. Let us educate the future generations by giving good values. Currently, we are living in the digital age but still under developed at mind's overall perspective to serve the nation.
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    Mohan Sir, I am unable to understand how you tried to relate the status of development of a country with its military power. In both of your replies @#750219 and @#750255 you have mentioned that India has a strong military power but is it all that we need when a lot live below the poverty line and do not know what they will do tomorrow and the day after? KVRR has provided some statistics and other members have pointed out what may be done to improve the situation. When the people inside the country are not happy I am unable to understand your conspiracy theories. If you think about development in terms of what facilities you get and what you can afford then it is not right. If everyone can afford the same thing equally then we can say we are developed. I talked about all-around development not development in any specific sector.

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