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    How safe are dangerous sports? Is it necessary to play them at the cost of one's life?

    What makes a person take up a dangerous sport despite knowing the high risk to life? Do you think it is something beyond a mere thrill?

    Adventurous sports are played to get some thrill by today's youth who are bored of playing the same old sports. Sports activities such as car racing, bungee jumping, and a few other new types of sports are being introduced to lure the youths by various sports companies. Of course, the participants get well trained before plunging into them. However, the media has been reporting serious mishaps which might make the person handicapped and sometimes even die.

    Do you think such kinds of sports should be played? What advice would you give those who love playing such games?
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    Many people like to go for adventures or adventure sports or adventure games. A great satisfaction and happiness is achieved when one gets good performance in these adventures. There are some adventure sports where a lot of money is also given to the person who is winning in them and that might be a motivating factor for many people.
    It is the choice of an individual to go for such adventures or not.
    I remember when I was in my high school then while returning from the school we found that there was a big query where a lot of soil was taken out and a big heep was thrown below the road. We started to jump in that from the road and it was about 15-20 feet down but most of us made it and we were not worried because the soil was too soft. Seeing us doing that next day more boys joined and then one boy slipped at the end of the road and got severe hurt. We all were much worried and somehow took the boy to the hospital and by that time one boy called his parents also. The boy got well within a few days but I am still afraid of going for adventures since then.

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    What I feel that sports must steer the person to fame in the field of his existence and progress and that should get him name and pride for the country through his exceptional performance on established sporting norms. Not that one must risk his own life and then claim to be the winner at the cost of sponsors who make money on the risk of candidates thus participating. Only yesterday I was watching a video in which a young boy was lured to do back stunt on cycle and he must clear a over flowing nala and then balance his bike. Surely the adventurism is very risky as bicycle must be well trained, the candidate should have the knowledge of back clearance precisely, otherwise there is every risk for the life. And these kinds of rare and adventurous sports are being designed for the youth who take risk of their lives.
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    It all depends on the mentality and the courage an individual is having. The amount of risk one person can take depends on the way in which he was brought up. Some parents never allow their children to go for risky activities. Such children even after grown-up also can't go for risky actions. But some parents allow the children to do some actions which are not very safe but at the same time, only a little risk is involved. Such people slowly get interested in such activities and may go for risky actions in their later life also.
    But one should not take risks that may be life-threatening. Our lives are God gift. We have to live them properly and we should not shorten the same. So we should always take only calculated risks. Games are good for mental health as well as physical health also. But they should not be life-threatening to any person. There are some dangerous sports which should be played by the people who are properly trained by experienced coaches.

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    Anyone who participates in adventures sports will admit they love the adrenaline. Adrenaline can give a certain euphoric high many strive to achieve.

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