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    Is marrying necessary in one's life?

    There are some people in this world who do not marry and spend their life as single. They might be having their own reasons for not marrying but there are cases like that.
    Nature has created a lot of species and reproduction is one of the most important factor for survival of these species including the human beings.
    Marriage is a social process by which human beings are allowed to raise family and have an identity like that for producing the offsprings.
    So not marrying is in fact against the natural requirements and by doing that we are just stopping the nature's fundamental requirement that is reproduction and survival.
    What are your thoughts on this?
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    Although it is a personal decision still society and family have a big role to play in it. Most people believe that marriage is necessary because it is a relationship that supports a lifetime, but it is. There are many moments in life that we have to live alone, it can be both good and bad. As far as someone's companion is concerned, it is not necessary that a partner should have the same form as a spouse. Friends, family, parents, siblings, etc are many relationships with which we can live and probably live happily. I don't think marriage should ever be done because it is necessary to do so, rather get married when you really want to be with someone and you want that person to be with you always. The truth of life is that we have come alone and will leave this world alone, no matter how many relationships we make, in the end, we are alone.

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    If you are born either as male or female. the day you have been in this world. the nuptical knots are already decided and at the marriage age the same choice would be reflected. While marriage is necessary to experience the family way and cherish every moment, some are adamant, some are not getting the right choice of partner and thus blame the convenience of marriage itself and term it as farce. And after marriage having child is more important and if the couples are postponing the happening, then they are wasting time of the life. As everything has to be done with time, the postponing attitude of having child would have cascading effect on nurturing child in future. I am of the opinion that marriage must be done before the 25 years and thereafter the children should be born and by the time the couples get into retirement age, the children would have progressed.
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    Marriage is essential in human life in my opinion, just as it is necessary for the advancement of society and generation, it is also necessary for both of them to lead a normal life. But the way marriage is practiced in our country or society is not desirable
    In our society, a girl grows up hearing from birth that she is a 'temporary guest'. There is only one thing to say during any quarrel from home, 'I will marry'. After that, when the girl is a little older, in case of any wish, it is called 'do it after marriage'. What is the difficulty in making a boy capable and confident in the same way that a boy is able to earn?
    So, first of all, girls need to be able to stand on their own two feet. That is the responsibility of parents. It is not only the duty of the guardian but also the responsibility of our society for the woman to grow up independently and lead her towards a better future.

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    Marriage is a social event that is allowing two people each one from a different genre to live together and raise their family. But the very purpose of marriage is not alone to have children. The two will have a common life. They share their joys and sorrows. They will be with each other when needed and they fight together with others when there is a need. Especially during their old age they will be supporting each other and see that they are happy.
    But there are many people who never got married. They are also good achievers in their lives. So there is no rule that one should marry in life. It is the choice of the individual. But in our culture, parents will never allow their children to remain unmarried and they will try to get them married as early as possible.

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    Many people thinks marriage is meant for bodily satisfaction, to have a child for our heredity. But the necessity of a marriage can only be realized when one feels isolated, Even secluded family removed from joint family would be good for some times but after a gap of period the secluded family life make one to long for persons. A married one's life will get realized the importance of marriage only after the other side partner departed.
    Mere thinking the need of marriage by seeing problems, chaos, quarrels etc., is not correct but we should think how a married couple lived a long married life for more than fifty years etc.,
    Even a married person will think of the partner when he/she fell sick in the partner's absence as he or she have to do everything even for a hot water for tablet swallowing,
    The sweetness of a sweet can be realized only by eating a sweet, similarly the necessity of marriage can be realized only by getting married.
    A saint replied to a man who asked this similar question to him, that, 'have a partner by marriage at least for quarrel.

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    I liked the response by Swati Sharma- "The truth of life is that we have come alone and will leave this world alone, no matter how many relationships we make, in the end, we are alone."

    Though getting married is a personal decision, the reasons to remain Single may be different and again they are purely personal. As Swati has already mentioned, the role of parents and other family members is also crucial. If someone is the eldest sibling of a family, nobody would allow him to stay single as they have to face problems from our surroundings because he can't be a stumbling block for the marriages of other children. And also, none wants to remain single unless there are justified reasons of his/her own.


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