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    Is every happy person really happy?

    When you try to explain to a troubled person or try to help them, in the beginning, they definitely say one thing that, you cannot understand, your life is easy and settled, but has anyone's life really so simple or easy? I do not think so. Every person is facing a lot in his life but it is not necessary that he/she should tell their cry or sorrow all over the world. So if you are sad or troubled and in such a situation, if someone comes and helps you, then respect this step, because even he/she keeping their problems and sorrows aside, and is standing with you in your troubles.
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    A person has normally many faces. One to show to society, one to show to their parent, and one for the true self. When we perform any task, in our hearts, we know, we are doing it in a true way or we are cheating or we are not giving our 100 percent. Many times, we read the face and know the intention of that person in certain aspects. Similarly, if you see a person happy, it might possible that he may not be a happy person genuinely. It may be another way round.
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    Athar has spoken very well, I am quoting the poet and writer Bankim Chandra in this connection, he who has never cried is the worst of human beings. Never trust him. Rest assured, he has never enjoyed the happiness of the world. The next happiness is never tolerated by him. It may be that a self-conquering Mahatma is suffering and continues to suffer from severe mental anguish without evaporation, but if he has not soaked the earth in a single tearful tear one day, he can be a victorious Mahatma; But I would rather fall in love with a thief but not with him. So everyone will have grief but its meaning may be different. This is life, so it is normal to be saddened by the sorrows of others and it is important to have a partner. Otherwise, his life as a human race is in vain.
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    I think no one is happy in this world and they pretend to be happy to the eyes of others. Two days back when I went to drop my boy to his office at the bus stand, the traffic police was manning the traffic and after some time he came to the shade. I casually interacted with him and asked whether his working hours be eight hours or less for working in the open environment. To which he started sharing everything about his life and I could able to read his mind that those who are lonely and doing work, wants someone to share their burden and if we ask them they would reveal everything. That he lost one lakh rupee on private chit and that is bothering him at his home town Karimnagar and his hard earned money is lost as he could not get leave and take stock of the situation. Here the police has been cheated and that is the highlight.
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    No person is free from problems. A poor man will always worry about his food. A rich man will also be always worried about hiding money from the IT department. A poor man will not have food to eat and a rich man will suffer from indigestion.
    In this way, no person is free from problems. Some people will not show their problems to others. But some will see that others will notice their problems. When a person comes and express his concern for you, definitely you should appreciate his concern and if really needed you need not worry to take some help from him. Similarly, even though you are in small problems, if you can help somebody else it is good to help them. Definitely, you will get divine help through some other sources when a need comes to you.

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    Some people keep their sorrows and sadness under cover and from outside it is very difficult to find out that. They do not share their griefs with everyone. At the same time there are some people who cry on small things and take sympathy of others. We will think that they are unhappy but actually their intention is only to gain sympathy and make the other people fool. A person is happy when he is happy from inside and that can be achieved with positive thoughts. There is no point in sharing one's problems with others especially when others are not in a position to help in any way.
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    Just I recall the famous quote- "A true friend sees the pain in your eyes, even when you have a big smile on your face."

    So the thread question would be better answered by the true friend of the so called happier person!


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    Happiness is a state of mind, so a person only knows whether she/he is happy or not. The interesting thing is everyone is looking for happiness only but not sure where to get it. There will be various situations and we need to act according to the situation keeping our mind focused by keeping the emotions under control.

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    It is true that the life is the combination of both happiness and sorrows and so we cannot have either of the two always. There are the people whom we always see in the happy mood not disclosing what is going on inside their mind. If you ask them to share their feelings of sorrows, they might be irritated for such an interference. But on the next day, if you happen to meet that person, he might melt telling you the entire painful events that will shock you. He might not believe that this man always smiling is so much hurt with the sad events on different occasions but still he keeps smiling.

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