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    Be honest in your daily dealings as well.

    The word honesty has been made so important, perhaps one of the reasons for this is that in today's time corruption is increasing and there is a shortage of honest people. But why not keep honesty as a simple part of life always. When we do all our daily work honestly, whether it is for ourselves or for others, then it becomes part of a normal nature. There are many people who do every work to show others, then sometimes they can also be small household chores.

    When we do work only for the purpose of showing the world then maybe honesty will be limited to that but when every work is done to maintain respect in our own eyes then honesty is always there.
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    Agree with the author. We should be honest in every deed. We should ensure that we should treat other people the same way we expect them to react or behave with us. Our soul has many original and divine attributes like peace, honesty, truth, devotion, spirituality, loyalty. But today's materialist world has diverted the focus of people on key attributes of the soul and forced them to behave in a non-soulful way. The world becomes honest if you start with yourself. You should be an example for your kids and the society nearby. People will observe you and follow you. Many times, people forget their original nature and get indulged in theft or any act which is not an honest way to do that task. Let us be honest.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
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    The author has drawn attention to the very basic quality of a man known as honesty. At least in this regard we can boast of its numerous benefits practicing in our lives but sometimes it is nothing but a tall talk. If at every stage, the same is followed at least our inner peace would not be disturbed. This would not allow us for being complex. Hence this way, we can be free from the health disorders. However in the present time this attribute is gradually diminishing to the extent that we maintain dual personalities- one for showing the world and the other to adopt an approach of dishonest means. Unfortunately, this trend is on the higher side. However smart one may be, peace cannot be established within ourselves with the dishonest means.

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    To be honest to the work is honest for the self and to whom we are doing the work. The work given has enormous responsibility and has the back checking of credentials of those who have undertaken and finished the task. In this regard I wish mention here that some marketing companies have the details of shops in every area and new candidates cannot fool the management as to they have done the work and covered each shop. When they really gone into the field, they would submit the details of every shop they visited along with phone number, and those who have not done the work and submitted the fake report, that would be exposed by the company. So being honest to the dealings and works is more important. No matter we may be slow and steady but bluffing on the matter is something taken as serious.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Being honest is a very great trait in one's life and in long run it gives tranquility and peace. Many people are only bothered for show off in their lives and they will be pretending and sowing off so many things to others only. If there is no one present around they will not do anything because no one is seeing them. This is really in bad taste and sooner or later people come to know about these things and mock them behind their back. Who will like such people.
    In our lives there are so many dimensions of honesty and if we really follow them and inculcate that in our coming generations then only the society at large would be benefited to a good extent. Everyone has to try that and then only there will be significant improvement in the society.

    Knowledge is power.

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    One should be honest in all his/her activities. Then life will become very simple. We are doing a job and we are paid for it. When we are getting paid it is our duty to do all the works we have to do should be done within the time and as per the procedures laid down. If everybody does their work honestly. there will not be any chance of delay or corruption.
    These days the greed in the people made them forget the importance of honesty. No work will be done in many offices unless otherwise we go and meet the concerned person. Some people feel that by doing their duties they are serving the people and they try to create a feeling that we are getting their service. Where is the question of service when you are being paid for that? By doing the work you are fulfilling your responsibilities but not doing any service to anybody. But how many will accept this?

    always confident

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