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    Would you expect any reduction in the Air fare charged by the TATA-Air India henceforth?

    Air India finally reached its home maker- the TATA Group. The process of taking over the National carrier has been completed yesterday and the Air India would be given a face-lift in all areas for its further betterment. In the field of Air passage, there has been a significant competition in the market and the rates charged by Air India are much higher than that of the other Air lines.

    The announcement by the Captain of the Air India flight has been changed and continued like this- "Welcome aboard this historic flight which makes a special event. Today Air India officially becomes a part of the TATA Group family after seven decades. We are committed to continue to serve you with full commitment and passion", as quoted by one of the passengers today.

    Would you expect any reduction in the Air fare charged by the TATA-Air India henceforth? Or it would be limited to the facilities and infrastructure development?
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    Seeing the assets of the Air India and the reputation of Tata so far we can hope some decrease in the fares. But nowadays these fares are dynamic in nature and the benefit would pass on only to those customers who book the tickets quite in advance. So let us see what are the new fare structures of this new entity. They may change some of the existing facilities etc also to suit to their operating procedures.
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    Air India born to TATAs married the Indian government but could not adjust there. divorced and reached back to his parent's place. Now definitely the parent organisation will see that this organisation will do well and bring fame and wealth to them.
    Tough competition is already there. So TATAs has to do a complete overhauling of the system. They have to make a study and see where the money is draining and that leak is to be plugged so that the organisation will come to profits. Definitely, they should revise the rates and see that they are on par with other flight operators. They should also see where they can reduce the expenses. A very important point they should concentrate on is scheduling their flights. They should do the study of these timings of their flights and discuss with other operators and schedule the flights in a better way.

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    Currently, the air travel industry is not going as per the pace with which it was operating a few years back. Today COVID has stopped air travel to many countries. As the takeover process and managing the current situation, there will not be any change in the air fare I think.
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    What is very surprising is the fact that Air India was acquired again by Tata, when the transfer of management from govt clutch to the private arm was confronted with no so good reputation, nor the present situation is conducive for full air travel across the country or abroad. While Tata is known for their professionalism in maintaining the customer- corporate relations, I do not see any reduction of fare at present as the organization need to be overhauled and total cleanliness has to be undertaken. Though the debts have been cleared by the govt, but Air India gone into bad reputation in the recent past and Tatas have huge responsibility to restore faith and courage in the passengers mind and rejig again. It will take time to recoup and meanwhile Tata must encourage good connectivity with their sister concern and make air travel most affordable.
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