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    Nothing lasts forever in society, only love remains

    First, let's talk about so-called love. You may have already figured out what I mean by so-called love. Such so-called love has become widespread in today's society. In my opinion, there is nothing to lose in such love. Again, true love can be called the inspiration of life. In almost every aspect of our lives, there must be some contribution to this unconditional love. And those unadulterated people are - our parents, brothers and sisters, wives and children. In conclusion, our life will never stop for anyone. However, the contribution of some people in our life is so great that without their love our life would be incomplete. They remain in the heart even after their death, like our great sages who have eternal life in society. what do you say?
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    I have a different say here and according to me each commodity comes with an expiry date and ends when the date reaches or exceeds the expiry dates. Expiry dates are referred to the associated needs or the purposes through which we are bonded in a relationship and so when there is a completion to these needs and the purpose which is for sure is going to be someday then we are surrounded by another set of needs and the purposes. This cycle continues.

    There is no exception to this is a bitter truth.

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    The author has expressed his emotional feeling in his thread and Ved Prakash has expressed the same feeling in a commercial way. Even the love or affection that is shown by somebody towards us may change as their requirements are fulfilled. This is the commercial side. But the love and affection a parent shows towards his/her children may not change till their death. The same should be the case for children towards their parents. If these relations and love and affection may have also depended on the needs and requirements, nobody in this world will have true love.
    Many of us will be coming across many people who show a lot of love towards us. Slowly the reasons for that love will be known to us. Such loves are more these days. Such relations are not good and we should not get into such relations more in our lives.

    always confident

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    #750263 as commented by Mr. Anand
    Although the word love is very small, its meaning is very large. So it is not possible to express it with one color. The color of love in my eyes is always a very beautiful color combination.
    What makes a love commercial is a love again! Trading is a part of a business function, not love. People understand all these so-called commercial loves, some late and some very easily. And if people are a little aware, they will understand who really loves and which is commercial. In this society, masked commercial love has increased and now people consider real love as 'fake'.
    People who will respect you, evaluate you, love you unselfishly, try to keep you well, give you time, will understand you more than yourself. He will never do any harm. He is actually a person of true love, and a person of love can be anyone. And if there is a harmony of mind, all love is colorful, and if there is no harmony of mind. Because there is commercial love, the value of real love continued with high value.

    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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    All the things whatever we are seeing with the naked eyes are farce and they are going to destroy one day or the other. The living must be peaceful and for a purpose. If that is not there, then the life itself a waste. Talking about love, there are many dimensions. The love between boy and girl is totally a different world. The love between the parents and between the children are affection and not love. And those who went into the forests for the penance was not for anything, because nothing is better than serving the own family and running away from family responsibility is considered as the defeat in life. So what ever comes in life, one must take it as granted and boon and be happy with contained living. It the mind that requires to be fertile and get going with others and if we are good and others would extend their goodness.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are alive in this world because of the love prevailing in our families and society around us. Love is that emotion which has no substitute in this world. Love is said to be a divine feeling. It keeps us in high spirits. One important thing in this respect is that we all are primarily responsible for creating love and lovely atmosphere around us. We cannot depend solely on others to create it and provide it to us. If we understand that basic concept and follow that doctrine in our lives then definitely the world would become a better place to live. I fully agree that nothing lasts in this world except love and its fragrance.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Have you ever have observed that you want others in your terms and conditions and the same would be the scenario with others too those others want you to behave in their terms and conditions? Leave few exceptions.

    Is not it?

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    The word'Love' is not easy to define. But the unconditional love of family members can only termed as true love. However, due to property issues the lovingly brought up sons and daughters are sometimes becoming unfaithful neatly forgetting about the pains their parents would have gone through while bringing them up,. What kind of behaviour is it , love turned commercial? There are some good children,who attend to the every needs of their parents being ever grateful to the hardships they had gone through while bringing them up. A person who spreads love spreads peace and just like we light lamps with the help of another lamp,these people spread love where ever they go. Why cannot we also be one among them?

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    The essence of the thread has a wider and greater meaning related to our life. As long as we live in this world, let us try to be accommodative, friendly, caring each other and in simple words 'Love all'. That's why many great people are still in our minds. We need not leave our foot-prints after our departure from the world but we should be remembered for our 'Good deeds' and the love shown towards others, in simple terms - they should remember us how affectionate we were'!

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