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    Wealth creation can only be possible by business not by job

    Currently, the majority of the people in the world are not content with what they have. Actually, limited money imposes limitations on a person. Money gives freedom. Enough money makes a person free of worries related to finance. He can make buying decisions very easily and quickly. If a person is short of funds, he cannot enjoy the vacation or any related entertainment stuff. A person who is an employee cannot gather or create wealth. One must start a business and maintain profitability in order to be wealthy. Once enough money is made, donations, charity, life purpose, vacations can be enjoyed but a person who is doing the job will always pay bills first, and then limited money will give them restricted enjoyment. Are you agree with me that one has to be a businessman to be a wealthy person?
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    It's true but there are so many risk factors involved in this. You have to work hard, should not think of timings and holidays and come out of your comfort zones. A lot of patience is needed, dedication with luck factor is another parameter to help you to be a successful business man. Wealth can be generated when you get settled and things are in place. While the employees in Private sector or in Government service need to depend on salaries and the savings after meeting the monthly needs but financial stability would make them in comfortable zone.

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    Many people opine like that the business arena is a place where one can mint money and with good luck even become a millionaire. No doubt in favourable cases such a thing might happen but business is a very risky proposition. I am living in a town, at the heart of it, where a very good market is there and the shop rents are the highest. There is good sale also in some of these shops but not in all and the result is that every 8-10 months I am observing a shop to be closed and some other person comes here and takes it on rent and tries ones luck.
    During the last few years I have seen so many shops getting closed and new shops being inaugurated with fun and fair. Every time one takes the shop on rent one renovates it and makes it as per ones choice. But the end result is in most of the cases is a loss.
    Coming to start ups and entrepreneurship, millions of people around the world are trying their luck in that but only a few get success and we only know their names and forget all others who failed miserably.
    In India at present the salaries are very good in Govt sector and if one gets that job one would never go for business.

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    Wealth creation is always done by value addition. The value addition will happen in the manufacturing sector and service sector. Either manufacturing or service activity can't be carried out by an individual and he/she requires from others. That is why he/ she is employing people and sharing his profits with them as salaries. So performing a job is also a part of wealth creation.
    But to make money for yourself and for your enjoyment, you have to do a business than work under somebody as an employee. But everybody wants to do business only means who will support the managements in doing the work. At the same time business can't be the cup of tea for all. To start a business one should have the guts and also financial support from other sources. A person who waits for his salary from the last week of the month can't go for a business as getting profit from the business may not happen from day one and it will take some time. One should be able to manage their life without expecting any money from the business at least for sometime immediately after starting the business.

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    I am 100% agree with you Srinivasa Rao sir. It is always a game of risk and reward in business. If you are doing a safe bet, then job is for you and if we are good at risk-taking, we should go for business as it provides jobs to other people.
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    Yes, try to do business, it is not for weak-minded people or job-loving people, it is really tough, it is for the people with a backbone.
    Yes for that you need Intelligence, capital, Man, and Market.
    You need to know how to solve many questions at once. So today there is nothing to do but trade. If you want more money then you have to do business. There is a lot of risk tension while working also, but you have to take that tension in your own business with a stronger hand. It is not possible to know everything about the business itself, so you have to take the right knowledge from the right person at the right time and apply it at the right time. Only then will the business prosper and the way to acquire wealth will be opened.
    So really there is a lot of income in the job these days but it is not like business.

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    What we mean by wealth, the extra money or the flow of money which is no way concerned to our earnings and savings, yet that would form the formidable amount to safeguard any kind of future requirements and exigencies. Wealth were created by our elders to see that the children and the grand children lived with peace. But over the period of time some of the family members gone lazy and not working because the wealth is making them to live and they need not toil for anything. However not many are gifted with wealth and its benefits. Therefore we have to live with the salary which is not far fetching and having a hand to mouth existence, no saving possible for future, surely the salaried employees cannot go or think for accumulating wealth as the urgent needs and emergencies are more pressing and allotments need to be made.
    K Mohan
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