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    Sexual Harassment in the workplace : How to approach and deal with this issue?

    The Sexual Harassment in the work place are increasing in the work places like industries, Offices and Educational institutions etc... Sexual harassment in the workplace is a form of sex discrimination which negatively affects the working environment, undermines gender equality at work, creates unfair practices in employment, and adversely impacts the dignity and well-being of workers. It creates psychological anxiety and stress for victims and if ignored, can result in high costs for companies through loss of productivity, low worker morale, absenteeism, and staff turnover.

    So, kindly give your comments, solutions and suggestions to overcome this major issues which is frequently happening in our Country nowadays.
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    Sexual harassment is not happening in only the workplaces but also in many other places and until we have a robust system of catching the culprits and punishing them this problem is not going to be resolved. There is a requirement of two fold strategy for resolving this issue. One is the good governance in the country and second is good social values to be inculcated in the society.
    One troubling thing about sexual harassment is that not only the uneducated and uncivilised people do it but many highly qualified and apparently looking gentlemen are resorting to such mean things and that is where society has to take a cognisance of this problem and try to inculcate values at the family level so that people hesitate in taking such lowly actions.
    Though the basic reason for sexual harassment is believed primarily due to the inherent lust in most of the the people but there are many environmental and situational factors which provoke people for this. Women also have to be bold enough to complain about the offending people but this could happen only when the governance is good because many women would not like to increase the confrontation and ignore such people because they know that even after complaining nothing is going to happen. So a paradigm shift is required in this matter if we are really interested to prevent these things happening anywhere in the society.

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    This is a big problem in our country and we have to address it properly so that there will not be any sexual harassment in any place. As per the factory or company rules, any organisation which is employing both gents and ladies should have a grievance committee. This committee should be headed by a woman from outside and should not have any relation with the management. There should be members from management and from the employees also. Any woman employee is having this sexual harassment problem should complain to the Personal department and that personal department should refer the same to this committee. The committee has to conduct an enquiry and if found guilty the committee will give a report to the management and management should take severe punishment including termination. But how effective this system is working I don't know.
    The women employees should be bold enough and should be ready to complain to the top management about the colleagues who are misbehaving with them. Then only some action can be initiated by the concerned.

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    In the past there were cases of sexual harassments and now the companies and organizations are professionally managed and both genders are given equal importance and no harassment as such. In fact the female employees are getting more freedom and freebies in the present circumstances and once they are pregnant during the service, they are given the maternity leave and there after parental leave to look after the child. Some office have the children enclosures so that small children be kept there for nurturing under the trained persons. Such is the progress of facilities accorded to the women these days. Even the night duties are arranged with police escort to the homes and back. And the ladies are not far behind, as they know the weakness of the society and they are prepared to take any courage and action if the situation demands.
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