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    Patriotism is a need of hour for our country

    Patriotism is a love for one's country.
    Patriotism is a devotion to our country.
    Earlier with that patriotism only we got freedom from ruling of British.
    Later day by day our people lives with lack of patriotism but their dedication only towards their personal and their parties only.
    Patriots are needy persons for a country.
    As we love our own house, we should love our country.
    It is meaningless to see what our country did for us but it is wise what we do for our own country.
    There are three kinds of patriotism namely impartial, sports and loyalty patriotism.
    We should pay special affection on our country.
    We should define ourselves through our country.
    We should have interest on our country's welfare
    We should ready to sacrifice for the sake of our country.
    Presently many of us projecting our future only in western countries rather than serving for our own country. This just indicates our weakness towards patriotism.
    If we project our services and talents for our own country with real interest, it indicates a patriotism in our youngsters and automatically our country become number one in universe as it is clear very well that our people only glitters brightly in many countries.
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    There were great leaders who always used to keep the nation's interest at the top and all other interests were after that only. Many people those days used to follow those leaders and used to fight for the cause of the country. Times are changed. Now the majority of the leaders keep their personal interests much before all other needs. Again the present-day public is following their leaders only. Everyone will ask what this country did for me? They never think about what they did for the country.
    The country requires people who love their country. One should feel proud to say that India is my country. We all should be ready to sacrifice everything for the cause of the nation. Some people may say alone what I can do to the country. Paying taxes, respecting and following fundamental duties and respecting our fellow human beings. If we follow these things sincerely we can say we are having love for our country. Not paying tax and avoiding sales tax by not taking the receipts for the purchases we made are some of the important issues which we should not practice.

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    Country is a place where we live safely and protected by our boundaries and armed forces. Those people who due to any reason are being ousted from one country to another and living like a migrant must be knowing the value of having one's own country. We should feel lucky and thank to our fighters for independence that we got out of the clutches of the Britishers and had our freedom in this country.
    Patriotism is something that is a fundamental requirement for independent living. If we do not have patriotism then some external forces would take advantage of that and capture us and then we would be back to those Mughal days or British days where we were no more better than the slaves.
    Choice is ours whether we want to love and sacrifice for our country or prefer to work like slaves under some people who are coming from other foreign territories just to rule us. Patriotism is above all other things and if a person is not having patriotism then he is a traitor and cheat for our country because he is enjoying all the facilities of this independent place but is not loyal to it.

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