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    Importance of health and food intake after 35 years of age

    Our body is in original pure form when we are born. Our body has no disease but as we age, due to pollution, bad habits, and food intake, our body starts getting the disease and weakens against the external viruses and bacteria. Normally it is said that when we reach the age of 35 or beyond, our body starts showing symptoms of a disease that require our attention. We must focus on all that we eat. We must walk 10,000 steps daily and have an exercise for 15 minutes daily. This routine helps us to remain in proper order. Is your age 35 or more? Are you experiencing any signs of disease like hypertension, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, or another issue that requires proper care? If yes, we should take care of our bodies. If you are fit, you have maintained your body and health perfectly.
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    Nicely said by the author as our living style, eating habits and the way we prefer food would decide our health for sure. Waking up early in the morning and doing the house hold works is also a great exercise. In villages the fore court and back yard would be very big and it takes minimum one hour to sweep the entire area and looking after the cattle and giving food to them and also milking is all concerned with whole lots of exercise and even the chakki atta, or pounding is done during the day and thus our villagers have not gone to any gym nor jogging and yet they maintain good health and happiness and always felt cheerful. They never confronted with the diseases we the urban people had gone through and thus when we go to village, we would actually know the secrecy of best life and their living habits for sure.
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    Food intake is one of the most important thing that is directly related to good health. When age advances then this becomes more and more important to keep a control on the food intake as well as type of the food that is consumed. Exercise is also a crucial factor in our lives to keep fit and healthy. Actually these habits are to be inculcated since the childhood so that they remain focussed and concentrated in these aspects.
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    A good suggestion from the author. I am above 35 years. By the grace of sound so far I have no sugar, BP or any other problems. No serious complication and I thank God for that.
    Many people will not understand good food habits when they are young and they get habituated to eat junk food etc. They may not be able to stop eating junk food even after later years. So they continue eating the same and they start suffering. So from the school days itself, one should have an eye on the food they eat and eat only quality food. In such a case, we will not have any tendency to eat junk food.
    Walking and doing some physical work etc are very important for every one of us to keep ourselves fit and to lead a healthy life. Yoga and meditation will also help in maintaining good health for all of us. We should start teaching our children these good habits from their childhood itself.

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    Normally one should have too much spicy and too much oily food. Some have the habit of having groundnut oil preparations in the cooking of daily items and that must be avoided. As far as possible use sunflower refined oil and that will not allow the stomach to bulge. And avoid taking too much potatoes and shalgam varieties as these vegetables gives rise to more complicated health problems in future. And avoid outside foods totally. If you want to eat some snacks, prepare the same at home and have in little quantity. One time meal, one time snack and one time light refreshments would keep the health in good conditions.
    K Mohan
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