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    Can women be better entrepreneurs than men? If so in which field they can rule over men?

    All people who venture into business can not become successful.A good business person should possess some important skills to succeed. However, although there are some business schools which teach their students about business,some business women who are uneducated have been doing good business and making profits. For example,many women do catering service nowadays . The y send home made food to students and those who have come out of their native places.In such a situation, restaurants in the same area is not much sought after place. Do you know any successful lady who has been popular in doing business in your area?
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    Certainly women can be better entrepreneurs than men and they can choose any field of their comfort zone because the women is always focused on the work unlike men they distract themselves to unwanted things and the commitments are more thereby giving less focus on the issues and matters. Women are the good managers at the home and they know the intricacies of profit and loss in small manner and the same principle could be made operated in the office and that would fetch the good results. And every women has her close confidants and they would form the formidable team to help in every aspect and thus I feel women are more empowered to do things in their unison and the output would be superlative. But it is the men who would be thinking twice to work under the women because of ego.
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    If perfection is needed in any job, I would surely recommend the job of ladies. It is not only confined to the domestic chores but is applicable to her involvements in her multiple areas. They are definitely good managers in the different areas no matter how much complexities are involved in the given job. It is possible for their concentration to the job where they are involved. Their planning, execution and management of the job with the involvement of people are really commendable and men cannot be compared with them at least in the domain of concentration. Women can form group easily with their convincing capacity required in a given job and would certainly study the different aspects before embarking on a job. However men would not like to see them in the position of their boss due to the egoistic attitude.

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    I do not accept the question of whether women will be better entrepreneurs and rule over men. Why there should be gender competition? Women are progressing in many fields. They are setting up their own business ventures and succeeding. It is appreciable. Women are successful mostly in cosmetics and fashion design business ventures. There are a lot of men who are successful entrepreneurs. Let the men and women start their ventures and be successful. There need not be any competition. Both are capable of managing their business ventures successfully. They are making a livelihood for themselves and providing employment directly to many people. Indirectly also they are providing livelihood to many people. Men or women, both require each other's support to succeed. Their roles are complementary. There need not be any comparison or competition.
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    There is no such pattern that women are better than men in business or men are better than women. It depends and varies from individual to individual. Some men are doing exceedingly well in business or organisations and at the same time there are some extra ordinary women who are also doing well.
    It depends on the knowledge, intelligence, and experience of the person sitting at that position irrespective of his gender.

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    The comparison itself a wrong one. Whether male or female, they are good entrepreneurs in both genders and there are some cases of failure also. With that we cannot come to a conclusion about the gender. The situation only makes the person to bright or fail. We have seen some entrepreneurs are lacking in betterment, faced failures and even committing suicides also. We have seen in some situations that entrepreneur of an organization failed to run the company but some wise employee of the same concern took up the management by talking to the owner and run well. Here no gender is considered. Many women entrepreneurs are running companies well and took top management positions in some organizations. There are women took up the job of even flight driving, metro train driving, owning autos etc., On any account we should not compare the gender but we should proud on their involvement and success.

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    Here it is not the gender that plays a role. The entrepreneurship, wisdom, material skills of the individual make the difference. There are men who are very successful in their business and there are men who lost money in their business. Similarly, there are women who did well in the industry and there are women who didn't do well. So attributing the success or failure of a person to that person's gender.
    A man who is not able to manage his house in a village came to Hyderabad and started at a curry point. He is a good public relations person and his wife is a good cook. So both put together made good pair and their business is going on well. Slowly they started catering services and their business improved a lot. Meanwhile, because of COVID, there is a decrease in the business. Now again the business is picking up.

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