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    If the grace period available to us while confronting death

    Accepting death is something many does not want to agree as they want to finish some urgent commitments they ought to do for the self and family welfare. Though many have planned their elder age and made provisions, allotments and even adjustments by dividing their wealth and properties to the children through their will yet some deaths are so sudden and the tasks are left unattended and for the kin the confrontation of facing hostile attitudes from others on property issues has been seen in many homes. If the grace period was granted, then how many years you want to prolong from death ?
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    The author has put up an interesting supposition. Given such a great choice many of us will go for 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 years like that if there is no limit for the grace period. We all are very greedy to that extent and definitely choose a good period depending on our perceptions.
    But the basic question which arises in this reference is whether we really require that extension. In our scriptures and holy books it is well mentioned that one has to start to delink and to disconnect with the worldly affairs after a certain age and focus for spiritual attainments and leave the responsibilities for the next generation. If we do so then we do not require any extension and have peaceful time at the fag end of life.

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    What if there was a grace period arrangement for the day of death? Sometimes such thoughts come to Mr. Mohan's mind. The idea is not bad, if you know the day of death before you die, then it is good. You can arrange everything as you wish. Take things in strict confidence and try to complete all your expectations. If you can't fix everything, then there is a grace period, do it. No worries, at the same time you will finalize the matter of dying without any pain also.
    But the latest news is that Stanford University claims that they have created an artificial intelligence that will easily examine different parts of your body and calculate when you will die. According to the Stanford authorities, this artificial intelligence will tell you the time of your death and will match 90% of the time. However, it is still in the experimental condition you can contact there sir.

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    The question of author is not a new to me as my mother told a story in this connection even before many years.
    A lawyer was taken to the God's courtyard by the Kal's messengers. The lawyer pleaded to the God, 'Everybody telling that you are very justified person. Even in our world we gives 21days notice time to bring a man to court but you have not given any notice to me'. God with smile told the lawyer,' My child! Who told you that We have not given notice to you. Enough notices have been sent to you but you set aside them'. Astonished lawyer asked the God for explanation. God further told him that,
    "First, We made your hairs into white that your time to reach here is nearing, but you overcome that notice by dying your hairs. Secondly we made your knees got disturbed, you overcome that with surgery, thirdly we made you to alert by making all your teeth fallen but you put artificial teeth set. Finally we give an alert to you by way of heart attack but you overcome the same by a surgery. In such a way if you are setting aside Our notices, how can you say We are injust?"

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    I think I never ask for any grace period. Instead, I ask him to keep me young and energetic till my death. As we become old, we may become unwanted stuff on the earth. We may not have any work here to do except eat and wait for death. Our next-generation people have to make their lives and they will be struggling for taking care of their responsibilities. Demanding their time for our needs is not very fair. We will become unproductive as we became old. So what I want to ask God is to see that I will have a peaceful and simple end to this life. I don't want to be in bed for a long time with health problems. Let us be productive as long as we can and enjoy life.
    The story rendered by Ramachandran is very informative and my grandfather also used to narrate a similar story. God will be giving us an indication about our life nearing the endpoint. But we may ignore and try to be in these relations. We think that we are permanent here.

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    Drubha, your reply to Mr. Mohan is very interesting. But I think science or artificial intelligence can not predict the date of death. When the research scholars of the so called university examine a person and check his health conditions, he can roughly predict the date which will not be closer at all. Birth and death can never be predicted.
    The author has only imagined about the grace period given to us before dying. As you have rightly said,people who avail the grace period can die peacefully and finish all their unfinished tasks before welcoming the lord of death.
    However, I would never go for this offer because I am turning spiritual and have surrendered my remaining life to the lord and left everything to his will and death is not an exception to it.

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