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    Why are farmers selling their fertile land in their hometowns and settling down in cities ?

    We can find plenty of high-rise buildings even in the outskirts of cities and there are many takers for these buildings. Unfortunately, the farmers sell their fertile land to the real estate agents because they feel that they can live comfortably with the money they would get. There is nothing wrong in their thought because they need to sweat out a lot to grow the crops and nurture them. However,the greenery is lost and the environment gets affected further adding to the misery of lack of greenery. How to save our fertile land and convince the farmers to continue with farming?
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    Generally big farmers will not sell their lands but the small to medium ones are sometimes doing it because if they get a good price then they will shift to towns or cities doing some ordinary job and passing their lives in a better way than that of a farmer's life. It is a bitter truth but it is happening in the farming sector.
    Due to the middlemen between the farmers products and market, farmers are not getting a good price for their products. Farming sector is so huge that government can also not procure all the items produced by the farmers. FCI does that to some extent.
    Subsidising them properly will require a huge amount of exchequer which Govt is not in a position to do.
    Farmers are the backbone of our country but unfortunately we are not able to give them proper price for their products. Government is paying huge salaries to the government staff and other public sector employees but is not able to do anything concrete for the farmers. It is a difficult situation which has made the small to medium farmers life miserable and some of them are selling their lands.

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    Farmers are struggling a lot to get the remunerative prices of their products but unfortunately, their mission to get the same is not achievable though good government is trying its best to offer them seasonable prices of their products with the governmental fixed rates but for the farmers, it is rather a difficult task for at least for the small farmers. Middle men are there exploiting the farmers with the offer of the throw away prices and the crops collected by the middle men are being sold by them at the designated centres. Except a handful farmers who are otherwise reach, the condition of the average farmer is deplorable. They want to leave the present occupation selling their possessions and want to settle down in any city for their livelihood. Hence we can see the exodus of the farmers in a big way.

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    Though India has been following the strategy of mixed economy for every five years plan in the past , but there has been shift in the focus for agriculture sector and instead Industry has been given the impetus and support. This resulted in farmers not getting the due attention right from the fertilizer to the marketing of the produce, moreover many farmers are habituated to produce same crop , the demand is less and supply is more and the rates are low. Thus the farmers are not getting the returns to what they toiled and therefore wants to sell their fertile land and settle in cities. Moreover the farmers could not find the legacy being passed to the next generation as sons are not taking to farming and instead they want to go abroad study good and settle there. In that case farmers are loosing the land and also their son.
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    This is a real problem that is being faced by our country. The population is increasing. Population density is also increasing but this increase is very high in cities. Many people are leaving rural areas and migrating to cities to get their livelihood.
    Farmers are facing a lot of difficulties. They put all their money and efforts into the land and finally what they get is not known. So they are thinking of selling their lands and keeping that money in the banks so that at least they will get some fixed money monthly.
    Coming to the Environment aspect, we have to explore areas and we have to start plantations wherever possible in whatever way it is possible. That may compensate for the land we are losing and deforestation is to be stopped. Even rooftop plantation is to be thought of to compensate for greenery loss.

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    "Farmer is the backbone of the country, he is our 'anna daatha'" - Everyone would agree to the statement. but the ground reality is different. Consequent on Globalization, the scenario has changed. the sweat of the farmer is not yielding good result. He is not getting back the invested amount on farming due to various factors including bad climatic conditions, lesser/higher rainfall {in other words on even rainfall} and also because of 'bada babus' leading the market. D to C (direct to customer) concept through agencies like Govt. market yards/ Rythu bazaar' though working well appear to be not satisfactory to the farmers these days. It's because many customers prefer quality and cleanliness, that's why opting to purchase the commodities from Reliance Fresh, Big Bazaar etc.

    The above are some real factors and contributing for the movement of these land owners to cities and selling their fertile land to the real Estate business class. Of course, in simple terms, we can't hold back our children who prefer to move Foreign soil for their betterment, same is the case with Indian peasant too.


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