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    Have you heard of 'Netlag'. Times of India has revealed it today.

    According to Times of India.... " A young professor had used the term to describe the feeling of not knowing how to react to the real world after being online for a long time.". It is a fact that everyone has to go back to offline activities once the present crisis gets over
    How would you welcome it? Will school students go back to classes and office colleagues sit together at the dining space and share their lunch boxes ?
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    When nothing is permanent in this world. even the present crisis would also be faded away and we would be off line soon. The Netlag term used by the Times of India is new and understandable. Being online was forced on us and many and we are not habituated to such kind of working at all. Even the companies and organization are not able to get the full work out of work on line, but there is no other go for anyone. In this circumstances, when the things started going through online, there was great welcome and relief as the salaries are paid and tasks are completed. But not all the work were successful and the education had to suffer the worst. The best teaching offline is missing and the students gone back two years learning and they cannot cope up with new syllabus, and in this back drop going back to offline is must and would happen.
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    Netlag is used many times by my sons and their wives. When we are in a particular thought process, even after some time off completing that work we will have the feeling as if we are doing the same work. After travelling on a bus or train for 10 hours and back home when we try to sleep we feel as if we are still travelling. We all heard about jetlag. When we travel from one continent to another content there will be a time difference and to get adjusted to that difference will take some time. We call it jetlag. The word netlag might have been derived in the same.
    My granddaughter joined the school in 2020 online only. So far for her, a school is her laptop and the chair and table she uses for her studies. Still, she has to experience the real school atmosphere. It is true that we really want to go out and work normally. When can we do it? Not known.

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    When we go from the virtual world to the real world we would face difficulty in treating with the entities in the real world as there is a lot of difference between these two environments. When I play a game online then every level I earn some virtual coins or diamonds and can buy higher levels or clues or hints with them. But in real life when I go out I have to have some cash or some card or app to pay for something I want to buy. No one is going to give me anything against the virtual coins that I had accumulated in the game site. So there is a paradigm change from one situation to other and that is something like netlag. A student studying in online mode is deprived of the friends and the sports that he would had played if he was in the physical school.
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    In the beginning, it may be a bit difficult for the persons doing the work from home during the past couple of years. It will be a little difficult in the sense they are habituated to doing it in a way for some time and when they will have to go out they have to adjust the time accordingly. Students should not face any difficulties as they are eager to meet their friends and resume their studies. Only those students rising up late in the morning for online classes will face the problem initially but only for a couple of days. I think everyone wishes the situation to become normal soon. One interesting situation would be for those who can manage to work from home online. If the job is done comfortably by using only a computer and an internet connection then along with the employees some organizations may also think of this option as this can reduce cost and travelling time.

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