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    Have you ever observed the Pro-achievers around you?

    We have heard about overachievers and perfectionist who have a strong objective of getting the work done at any cost. They are the pillars of the organisations as they are highly motivated to achieve the overall objectives of the company or organisation.
    There is another category known as Pro-achievers and they need not be the smartest of the lot or most intelligent out of the employees but their honesty and trustworthiness is of very high quality. They have a great quality to help others and in adverse situations they even risk their lives for the welfare of others.
    Have you encountered or observed such Pro-achievers around you? Any opinion about such great people?
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    In any organization what we find is the three types of employees. The first one is the very confident employees who are directly under the lens of the management and what ever they does, it is known to the top brass and amendments are made and even their lapses are not made known that easily. The second lots are those who are sincere employees, comes in time. does the work and not accept any extra work and the management is happy with them because they would not avail leave and the work is not hampered. The last lot are those who are the average employees who are bound to take more leaves, the works gets pending and because of them the company needs to keep a tow on as to who can be removed and who can be shifted. So there is no pro achievers in this three groups opined by me and they are rare.
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    I heard about achievers. They are the cream of the employees who will see that all the work will be completed positively in time. But I never heard the word Pro- achievers. I have seen many achievers we really did a marvellous job and brought fame and name to the organisation. Such people will be recognised and rewarded by the management and that will motivate other people also to perform at higher levels. Once we achieve a particular level of performance management expects the same performance from the individual always and he has to see that he will stand up to the expectations. In such a process, he has to make many efforts and upgrade his skills and knowledge, In any organisation, we will have some super performers and some average performers. Non-performers will not be lost long in private organisations.
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    I don't know to which category I belong but the word 'pro-achiever' has drawn my attention. For Private sector, the said category may not fit but I am sure the pro-achievers are more successful working class in Government sector. The working style in Government offices is definitely different from that Private sector and you can sack a non-performer with one stroke of pen in private sector. While the scenario is different in Govt. where there is a cumbersome procedure to initiate a disciplinary action against an employee. The rule of perfectionism doesn't work here and those who follow this Thumb Rule can't achieve anything at the end of the day except getting B.P or heart ailments. Only pro-achievers can do wonders in Govt. sector.

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