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    The biggest enemy of humanity is Man

    It is very difficult to identify the enmity that is born in human beings. Only in times of need or in times of danger can a true enemy be identified. Nowadays, trade syndicates, if they get a chance, increase the price of daily necessities 3/4 times. Unscrupulous doctors, on the other hand, also hit poor people in their lives for their own benefit. And it has reached unbearable levels by trading various tests unnecessarily. Needless to say, these people are inferior.
    Another type of animosity is that of personal differences, interests, or conflicts over money and space. It is very difficult to change the character of the man.
    Only by creating an environment of justice is it possible to "establish peace" by suppressing hostility at all levels. Give your opinion.
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    The biggest enemy of humanity is his or her tongue only.
    Using tongue in proper place and proper manner only make one either taking to top or burying in deep. I read one story. A king announced once that his daughter, princess will marry a person who brought a great thing which is highly valued than anything as well the worst thing which ruin a person. Many brought many things but the king was not satisfied. But lastly a man who is in normal dress came with a plate covered with a lid. The asked him to remove the lid and found a tongue of a goat was there. Puzzled king asked his explanation that how it was treated as a great thing, The man told the king that the tongue of a human only makes a person to any high level though his wise talking. The king again asked what was his item for worst thing. The man replied that the same thing is for that also. Further he explained that the same tongue put him into a ruin to the worst level. Pleased king offered his daughter and his reign to that man.

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    The biggest enemy to humanity is humans only. Everybody talks about humanity, values, morals etc, as long as they will not get affected. The moment they think they will end up with a loss, their entire attitude will change.
    One should have the desire that all in society should be good and I should also be there in all.
    These days individuals are not worried about losing a rupee if the other person is losing two rupees. When our neighbour is progressing we should be happy and we can think that in case of any necessity he may come to help to us. But we feel jealous and wish that he should be always in a smaller position than us.
    Businessmen wanted more profits, politicians want power, employees want higher salaries but nobody is worried about the person who is struggling to get his food for the day. A politician who has to take care of the nation will be ready to sell the nation if personally gets benefitted. That is the humanity in humans these days.

    always confident

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    There are many people who take advantage of the situation and exploit others and they are inhuman in their nature. They only want to make money and they have no ethics in their lives. It is definitely a bad situation but when humans are working against humans then what can be done to resolve that extreme situation in the society. Business does not mean to cheat others. When a good margin is already there in a particular business then why to go for wrong ways to earn more. I have seen some ordinary people who have chances to earn money from illegal ways but they do not adhere to that and are happy with their low income. That should be the spirit which the people require today. If a rich person having a net worth of Rs 150 crore earns 100 crore more with wrongful methods the that 100 crore is not going to make his life happier. He is already having a good fortune with him. The lust of money is a bad thing and until everyone learns to earn through proper ways the situation would not be improving and humanity at large would suffer.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The green eyed monster" which is jealousy is the root cause of enemity among men. If anyone is successful ,some people can not stomach it and want to degrade him in some way or other by spreading rumours. There are other reasons of men not able to digest the sudden prosperity of others . But,in my opinion enviousness tops the list.

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    Just because some men are indifferent and their behavior was not to the satisfaction of the author, we cannot term every man is responsible for the inhuman acts. Men are the leading professionals in any stream and we have the best thoughts emanating from men who are not only reaching out to those who need their services more. There is a doctor in Secunderabad who never charges from the poor and even part with the medicines he has. That is the reach out of some doctors who are not that bad as portrayed by the author. Yes there are some doctors who prescribe tests which are not needed and that casts spell about the behavior of other doctors also. One thing is sure, we have to believe men of all sects and for that matter we have to go through their behavior process and then decide who is good and who is bad.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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