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    How do you differentiate a teacher and a great teacher?

    We study under many teachers. We remember some teachers for a long time. That means they had a big impact on us. Generally, all teachers are good teachers. but a few are great teachers.

    A teacher will teach but a great will learn and teach. A great teacher makes good relationships with students and shows them what is caring? They teach them how they should care for other people in need. They practice what they teach.

    A teacher will choose the best student and make him ready for the competition. But a great teacher will always encourage the weakest student and makes him take part without any fear of the outcome.

    A teacher is a guide but a great teacher is an inspiration.
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    Teachers are of different kind. The best teacher is one who prepares well for the impending class and she would put forth the teaching patterns in front of the students and make them understand through her vast experience and personal feed on every aspect of teaching and thus by listening to such teachers it is enough to pass the exam if the things are noted while teaching. The next set of teachers are those who go by the portions and text book and does not reveal anything more than that and even the students ask the doubts, she would chide to ask the same with the parents. The last set of teachers are those who can be found in government schools. As they would nominate a class leader and ask the child to explain the class for the day and she would intervene now and then and these are dangerous teachers.
    K Mohan
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    There are different type of teachers adopting different styles depending upon their temperament. There are some who would punish the pupils for not hearing them patiently in their classes and would pinpoint their several weakness. These teachers don't have the time for the thorough preparation of the subject material to be taught in their class session other than teaching their pupils discipline and concentration in their classes. However, there are different sets of teachers as well interested for the overhaul performance of their students helping them to clear their concepts of the different chapters so as to have a better command of the subject being taught. They would take every pain to make them understand how they can arrive at the ultimate result without the cramming. The pupils are truly benefited with such teachers. Then there are some teachers offering you homework only so that their students remain engaged in such assignments and have no time to go through the fundamental of the subjects. The ultimate result is that they cannot be good performers because of negligence of the teachers. So we can say that the teacher himself going through the texts and understanding them before delivering the classes are the best teachers.

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    There are some teachers who are exceptionally good in their work and we remember them for life time. These teachers have some special qualities like teaching with interest, taking care of all the class rather than a few students sitting on the front bench, interact with parents for the betterment of students, and many other qualities like that.
    The students who get such teachers during their school or college days are lucky because there are few persons like that who guide and inspire the students for charting ahead their careers.
    We had a science teacher in High School who was like that. Once during a lecture on vernier calipers I could not get how it was reading so accurately and was not getting the concept in my mind. He understood my difficulty and asked who are the other students who could not get the concept. A few students raised their hands. He called us in a vacant period separately and explained it again in a very simple and lucid way. Today I realise how patient was he that he wanted to learn us that thing at any cost.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Umesh what you shared is the great trait of a teacher to clarify and explain in how to make pronunciation and make the students understand and very few teachers have done that.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    A teacher is somebody who imparts the knowledge he had gained through books and experience to his students thoroughly. In my opinion,he cannot be termed as bad but he can be called not fully capable. I am also a teacher who has been teaching English for two decades. But,I am happy to say that several students even after many years still remember and acknowledge me.

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    A great teacher is a person whose teaching or teachings remembered by the student/s for years together. I am still remembering the teachings of my school,college teachers even today, completing more than 45 years. In addition a great teacher is a person who is making the dull students bright. I have seen some teachers neglecting dull students and concentrating only above average students. A teacher, Mr.Nagaswamy, in my sixth standard(in 1966) made all his class students to above average level.

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