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    Are school operations becoming a business now?

    When we think about the education of our children, we choose a good school. But these schools have many demands and instructions. All the materials such as school dress, study materials, etc have to be bought from the school Administration. They recommend buying all the books of the syllabus in their own school or from any particular book shop which is heavy expensive.

    I believe that now the operation of the school is becoming a business.
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    Yes in the guise of providing quality education and also giving impetus to international school tag or CBSE syllabus being taught in the private schools, the managements are looting the public and unfortunately the education departments in respective states are silent as most of the educational institutions are run by powerful people and has connection to the ruling parties and therefore even though there are parents association and raising huge protest on high fees, the matter is not heard and the parents either to accept the high fees and join the children or opt for the govt schools. And what is more disturbing that everything has to be purchased from them and when the online class is the future happening then why they are insisting for the uniforms be purchased and that is additional burden for the parents for sure.
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    There was a time when charitable trusts and other donating agencies used to run the schools for the benefit of the poor and deprived children in a particular area. Many social trusts also ran schools in different areas especially in backward and remote areas. Thos Schools served the poor people and humanity at large. But slowly the school also became a commercial activity and with modern gadgets and facilities some business people jumped in this arena to make money. It is obvious that the rich people will send there wards to such schools where fees are high and facilities are also commensurate to that fees. Some middle class or upper middle class people will also try to send their children to such schools by cutting cost on other expenditures. These schools are simply commercial activities to earn money from the upper strata of the society. Teaching and career making of students is only a by product of that commercial activity. There are many private schools which are very expensive and most of the people cannot afford them.
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    The school operations have become a big business long back. The entire education system is a business. Now we have private schools, colleges, professional colleges, coaching centers for competitive examinations which are run on business lines. There are apps for education at all levels. Education cannot be managed by the government alone. It cannot provide sufficient infrastructure to impart education to all. Private participation is a must in a country like India. Private players enter the field to make money. We have to admit that many private institutions are providing quality education and making good money also.
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    It is difficult to say a certainty about schools in this matter because, in different lag schools, education management and moto of education can be found both in lag form. There can be two different purposes behind buying study material from school or a particular shop. Firstly, in order to maintain school uniformity, when the same material is taken from the same shop, there will be no scope for variation and secondly, it may be that the school has a definite partnership with shops, etc., which will benefit both the parties.

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    Education has become so pricey these days with the private schools insisting on all the things to be purchased from the school itself. Few of these , as pointed out by earlier members can be avoided but the schools make these compulsory. In some school, they are are just showing some YouTube links and covering that under the name of educational trips and picnics. Library charges and also not exempted.
    Education has been commerialised, understood. But some control is also necessary on such chool business.

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    Why now? Long back this has happened. The moment corporate colleges started functioning education has become a business. These days government schools are not delivering good service to the students due to various reasons. So parents don't want to send their children to government schools and this has become a very good opportunity for private players. They started their business in education as school operators.
    In a private school, the school management will only decide where students have to purchase books, uniforms and even footwear. This management will have an understanding of those shops and get a percentage from the shops. They run their own transport and collect a high amount as transport charges. School fees will be high. Even the people feel difficulty in paying all these, to get a good education to their children they are sending children to private schools only.

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