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    74th. Death Anniversary of Gandhiji.

    Gandhiji was killed by a fanatic on this day 74 years back. I pay my tributes to Gandhiji on his death anniversary. Gandhiji was an apostle of peace and non-violence. He lead the freedom struggle against the British from the forefront. Even today his preachings inspire the entire world. The country needs a person like Gandhiji in these difficult times when violence and corruption are rampant in society.

    Gandhiji is called"Mahatma" by none other than the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Tagore differed with Gandhiji in some aspects like the non-cooperation movement, but he was inspired by the dedication of Gandhiji towards the independence of the country. Join me in paying respects to Gandhiji on his death anniversary.
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    Mahatma Gandhi was a great and unique personality. Just by inspiring and motivating the people of India through his non violent methods, he created a remarkable and unprecedented agitation and Britishers had to leave India.
    He was a visionary and was having some grass root level thinking capable of changing the life and habitat of people. There are a few leaders in the world who are having that type of foresight and are capable of understanding the problems of the poor and deprived members of the society. The most amazing thing about Mahatma Gandhi is that he did not have any political ambition behind his efforts and work. He simply did it for the benefit of the masses irrespective of the caste and creed.
    I salute and pray for that great soul on this day and wish that we should learn from his ways of life and also inculcate those traits in our next generation.

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    The nation pays tribute to the great soul of Mahatma Gandhi on his 74th death anniversary and India has been greatly indebted to have such a loving personality who was so simple and yet could make greater impact on everyone to join the freedom moment without any hesitation. In those days there were no social media or the communication. Even then he could able to mobilize vast population across the four sides of the country to participate and fight against the Britishers and wrest the freedom for sure. The relentless way he fought for the freedom testifies that India has been battered with divide and rule policy of British empire and the way the Independence was achieved at the stroke of midnight proves that the perseverance and commitment towards non violence has melted the British top brass then to adhere to freedom.
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    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, very famous as Mahatma Gandhi is instrumental in getting the freedom to India. But for his efforts, the British might not have left India announcing freedom to India. We should salute this great man for the service he rendered to us and our country. Such great persons will be there very rarely and India is very lucky to have him on its soil.
    Gandhiji helped South Africa also in addition to India and the people of that country should also be thankful to him for his services.
    Gandhiji adopted non-violence as his weapon and with that only he has seen that we will become an independent country. He was responsible for bringing all the people together and fighting with the Britishers. Salt movement, quit India movement etc. were organised by him with the cooperation of the people of India. We all should work together to see that the country will be independent forever.

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    Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi will always be remembered for his unique preaching towards nonviolence and the entire country was influenced with his magnetic personality. Though he looked simple wearing a white dhoti wrapping the same to his entire body and was known for adopting non-violence in all the struggles and finally he won the battles including the independence battle. The Englishmen were not so much influenced with his his simplistic style but his ability to mobilise the mass on his favour made them nervous. Wherever he went, he secured the people's support in his ongoing mission. However, he never hankered after any political power though he was the true guide for the entire nation. He valued even for a minor thing and knew how to use the same repeatedly to minimise his personnel cost. This great soul was devoid of any material lust having vision for the upliftment of the downtrodden class.

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    My Tributes to the Mahatma on this day! At a time when attempts are being made to sideline his contributions to the Nation and to the world, let us refresh our memory and remember what all he has done for humanity.
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    My salute to the Father of the Nation on his death anniversary! It's important to keep in mind his teachings and to follow in his footsteps but are we really doing it? We all praise him for his non-violence acts but we act violently many times. This is not helping us in any way and ultimately "an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind". It's high time to think of it.

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