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    New rules on Indian Railways while traveling during night

    The following new rules are implemented with immediate effect on Indian Railways to safeguard the passengers during night time travel and that includes no loud talking by fellow passengers, no lights should be kept on except night lights, passengers in group should not disturb the fellow passengers and indulging in conversations, checking staff, RPF and electrician would be available at the disposal, and staff are appointed to help out elderly and single women passengers on demand. These are the new initiatives implemented by the Railways across the country with immediate effect, do you have any other matter to be included to suggest railways ?
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    Many times we observe some passengers keep the lights on even after midnight and they will not understand the problem of the fellow passengers. Even at our request also they will not put off the light. Now with these new rules, I think we will have peaceful sleep on the train during the night journey.
    The railway passengers will get better services with these new rules. The main problem we face is many fans and lights will not be in working condition. Immediate rectification may be required. If the electrician is available and if he attends the work, it will be ok. Another big problem is unauthorised passengers will get into reserved compartments and disturb the passengers who are authorised to travel in that compartment. Some serious actions are to be taken to avoid this problem. There is good improvement in railway services and many of them are on time. If they improve further many people may prefer trains over buses for overnight journeys.

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    It is a good move. We have suffered a lot when we travelled between Chennai -New delhi - Chennai. People boarding in the middle stations making a huge noise. It is tolerable when they are searching for seat/berth number, adjusting luggage etc. But after that also they are discussing many things themselves in a louder voice without minding others sleeping.

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    Any rules made to create discipline and good governance are always welcome. Given a choice some people will play cards till late night and would not allow the fellow passengers to go to sleep. Others might like to discuss the country politics and talk loudly in agitated tones. These are all in bad taste but when there is no strict and stern discipline then people will take advantage of all kinds. Human nature is very strange. Given some freedom they will exploit and misuse it. If we tighten them they will talk of revolution and agitation to change the current regime. They will talk of fundamental rights but forget their duties. So Railway has taken a good action and in fact if some passengers do not follow it then they should be taken out in the next station and should be kept with Railway police and next day should be lodged in the nearest police station and let police tackle them next day by presenting to a magistrate for sending them to jail. Then only they will know as what are their fundamental duties in this country which is of course their own motherland. If this is done with a few people then social media will make it known throughout the country and others will start behaving nicely.
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